Police Arrest 31 in Basse


By Lamin Fatty

Police Spokesperson, Superintendent Lamin Njie has informed Foroyaa that they have arrested thirty-one people in Basse for violating the curfew order.

When this reporter visited Basse police station, he found several people arrested mostly youth for violating the curfew order.

Ensa Bajie, the Commissioner of Police for the Region said they have arrested several people for violating the order and they have charged them accordingly.

The police in Sare Ngai and some other areas in the northern part of the Upper River Region have told Foroyaa that they have not made any arrests amid the curfew orders.

The curfew order came into effect on Thursday, 6th August 2020 and since then the police, in collaboration with the army, has made several arrests country wide.

The Upper River Region has over two hundred thousand inhabitants and is the farthest region of the country.

Both the station officer of Sare Ngai Police Station in the northern side of URR and the leader of the patrol team at the station, Augustine Jammeh said the inhabitants of the area are complying with the curfew order.

“People are so far complying with the curfew order. We began our patrol on Thursday and we are still on it. We make sure we start the patrol at 10 pm but so far no one has been arrested for violating the order as far as the curfew is concerned,” Jammeh said, adding “during the patrol we caught some but we just warned them to get into their homes, and also few were brought to the station but we cautioned them before releasing them since they were first time offenders,” a member of the patrol team told Foroyaa.