33 Gambians, Six Senegalese arrested after officers seized over Half a Ton of Cannabis, Other Drugs


By Mustapha Jallow

Secret agents of the Drug Law Enforcement Agency Gambia (DLEAG) have apprehended thirty-three (33) Gambians and six Senegalese nationals for drug trafficking in July 2020.

The spokesperson of DLEAG – Ousman Saidybah told this paper that their agency has registered 33 cases of drug possession, which involved 39 individuals.

Out of which, he added: “33 are Gambians and six are Senegalese nationals.”

Equally, he explained that 3 alleged child offenders (ACO) are also in custody.

Saidybah said their agency seized a total of 56 kilograms and 20kg of cannabis in West Coast Region (WCR).

For Lower River Region (LRR), he said 285kg of cannabis was intercepted from the suspects. In total, he added over half a ton of cannabis was intercepted from these individuals.

Saidybah continued to say that a total of 11grams (400 milligrams) of hashish, 4grams (300 milligrams) of cocaine and 3grams (600 milligrams) of heroin were seized from the arrested persons.

He said some of the suspects were arraigned before a court of law, while others are under their custody awaiting trial as investigation on the cases continued.

He concluded by calling on the communities to join in the fight against drug trafficking and possession in the country.