Petrol Back In Stock 


By Makutu Manneh 

Gambian Motorists and vehicle owners which use   Petrol are now saved from the shortage of petrol as it has been confirmed by Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) and the Gambia Government that petrol is back in stock after more than a week of shortage in the country.

Various petrol stations have been visited in the country and confirmed the availability of petrol. The Managing Director of Jah Oil Company limited has also confirmed the arrival of petrol in the country, adding that his stations are fully stocked.

Prince Bubacarr Aminata Sankanu, Government Deputy Spokesperson in a phone call informed this medium that the tanks of Jah Oil, Oryx and other fuel stations supplies are already in town.

“There is enough supply in the market, fuel stations are getting deliveries,” he said.

Mr Sankanu, said the Banjul-bound ship with fuel which was delayed by weather conditions at sea, will dock in Banjul from today till on the 10th of March, 2023. 

He said the ship is carrying 5000 metric tons which is about 6 million litres of fuel.