Late Lama’s Mother Weeps While Testifying in Kumba Sinyan’s Murder Trial


By Kemeseng Sanneh (KEXX)

The mother of late Lamarana Jallow on Monday, 6 March 2023 wept while testifying in the murder trial of Kumba Sinyan, who allegedly killed her son.

“Kumba told me she will do something to Lama that the whole world will not forget about,” she said.

Lamarana Jallow was allegedly stabbed to death by Kumba Sinyan at the Friendship Hostel, Bakau in September 2022.

Assiatou Jallow, the mother of the deceased said she does not know Kumba Sinyan but she had spoken to her over the phone. The resident of Bignona, Senegal said her last telephone conversation with Kumba was before the last Tobaski.

She said when Kumba called her she told her “Aunt Assi, I want you to talk to Lama. I asked her what should I talk to him about and she said he talks to women a lot. I told her I sell at a market and I also talk to men. She (Kumba) said okay, she will do something that the whole world will not forget.”

The mother explained that the last time she saw Lamarana was on 9th September when he visited them and was preparing to travel abroad. On the same day, she said Kumba Sinyan called her and passed the same message as she did during their previous call – which was she will do something to Lama that the whole world will talk about.

The mother said she admonished Kumba to know that marriage is by consent and she should have a free mind about it. She added that Kumba told her that she cannot leave Lama to go free.

The witness explained that on the day Lama was allegedly murdered, she was at the market and Lama’s brother called her on the phone crying and said she should come to the Gambia, and told her Kumba has killed Lama.

The mother wept in court for almost 10 minutes before Lawyer Sagar Twum began her cross-examination.

The witness said she saw Kumba Sinyan for the first time in court and all the time they only spoke over the phone. She added that she was not aware of any confrontation between the deceased and Kumba Sinyan.

Lawyer Twum further asked whether she remembered making a statement at the police, and the witness said yes she remembered when she came for the funeral. Lawyer Twum asked where was the statement taken and the witness replied that the statement was taken at the police station. The witness’ police statement was tendered and marked as a defence exhibit.

The matter was adjourned till the 22nd March 2023 at 10-11 am.