PDOIS Selects Two Candidates Ahead of March Local Government Elections


By: Kebba AF Touray from Wellingara Yareh, Wuli East, URR

Candidate Sarja FK Kamateh
Candidate Omar Garry

The People’s Democratic Organization for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS) party on Sunday 1st January 2023, selected two candidates for the upcoming Local Government Elections.

The two candidates are Omar Garry and Sarja FK Kamateh for Baja Kunda and Foday Kunda Wards respectively.

The two were selected at a meeting held in the Wuli East village of Wellingara Yareh in URR, which area is under the jurisdiction of Basse Area Council. However, prior to the selection they submitted a letter addressed to the party Chairperson of the Constituency, seeking re-election under the party ticket again, as their current mandates expire in the next two months.

The meeting was meant to provide party members to choose their candidates to contest under the party’s ticket in the said elections, and to canvas for votes to represent the affairs and interests of their electorate at the Basse Area Council.

The event also witnessed the presentation of baby clothing to the Alkalo (village head) from the National Assembly Member of the area, Hon. Suwaibou  Touray, for babies under the ages of 1 and 2 years old.

Alkalo of Wellingara Yareh village Musa Wally, congratulated Hon. Touray and the two candidates, for their dedication to duty and assured his support to them.

Tentu Wally, a member of the party within the ares informed the convergence that the gathering was in response to the call made by the Constituency Chairperson to meet select candidates for the forthcoming local government elections.

“We have in the past announced that anyone interested in the upcoming Council elections should submit their letters of interest to the party,” he said; that after the announcement, he received letters from Sarja FK Kamateh and Omar Garry for Foday Kunda and Baja Kundar Wards respectively expressing their interests to contest and seek reelection in the coming elections, and called for anyone who is interested to contest in the said elections under the PDOIS ticket, to come forward.

Tamsir Jagne, the PRO of PDOIS Wuli East Committee, said he was satisfied with the turnout by members of the party for the selection of their candidates for the upcoming LG Elections.

“Five years ago we converged at this venue where we unanimously selected Sarja FK Kamateh and Omar Garry who contested and won the election. They are seeking re-election to continue their work as Councilors for Baja Kunda and Foday Kunda Wards. However, it is the majority who should determine their candidates and this is the objective behind today’s meeting,” he reminded the gathering, and concluded that he endorsed the candidature of both Sarja FK Kamateh and Omar Garry for Foday Kunda and Baja Kunda Wards respectively.

Ba Saikou Dibbasey, the Chairperson of PDOIS’ Sutukoba Committee, stated that they have selected all the PDOIS candidates for Wellingara Yareh, and since the time they assumed office, they have lived up to expectations.

Teneng Jallow, a female PDOIS supporter from Murreh Kunda, also expressed her support to the candidature of Sarja FK Kamateh and Omar Garry, saying that the two have executed their duties with utmost transparency.

Mariama Drammeh, another female member from Sutukoba and all the rest who followed in endorsing the candidature of the two, gave similar remarks.

All speakers challenged the electorate of the constituency to support Kamateh and Garry to ensure that they continue to serve with efficiency and effectiveness in the implementation of their duties.

On his part, Madiba Danso, the Constituency Chairperson while congratulating the selected candidates, challenged the women and young people to vote for competent candidates to represent them at decision making positions for their interests and to improve their living conditions.

All the selected candidates, Sarja FK Kamateh and Omar Garry, unconditionally accepted and congratulated the entire PDOIS party for the trust and confidence bestowed on them.

Photo of PDOIS members during the endorsement of their candidates

In the same development, Hon. Suwaibou Touray, the Member for Wuli East Constituency, said such meetings are significant, because it avails him a face to face discussion with the electorate, to hear their views and concerns. That it is also an opportunity to widen their awareness and understanding on their rights and what rightfully belongs to them.

Speaker after speaker all unanimously endorse the candidature of Sarja FK Kamateh for Foday Kunda Ward and Omar Garry for Baja Kunda Ward respectively for the March 2023 local government elections.