Government Announces Reduction In Fuel Prices


By Makutu Manneh

A press release from the Ministry of Information has indicated a reduction in fuel prices by the Government starting from January 1st 2023, with the new price of petrol put at D75.00 per liter, whilst diesel now sells at D72.50.

This according to the release shows a reduction of D2.89 in the price of petrol and D1.04 for the price of diesel.

“It may be appreciated that the reductions are a clear indication of the government’s responsiveness to changes in the market and the usual understanding and cooperation of the public is kindly solicited,” the release stated.

In September and October last year, there were several issues that surrounded the price of fuel in the country. These included the protest of commercial drivers to the threats from Oil Marketing Companies who wanted to stop operations, because the price of fuel was very expensive.