Passengers, Drivers Raise Concern Over Construction Work at Bertil Harding Highway


By Amadou Manjang

Passengers and drivers have raised concern over the lack of intersection between junctions along the Bertil Harding Highway.

Many junctions along the coastal road-turntable highway lack service interchange connection between the highway and roads that lead to communities around the vicinity.

Roads like the Mariama Kunda road lacks service interchange connection, making it difficult for any driver on the opposite lane to access the road. This is forcing drivers to use the wrong lane on the highway.

The passengers and drivers expressed concern that this is causing traffic obstruction and could even lead to accidents.

‘Between Sukuta-Jabang Traffic Light and Turntable, there is no intersection one can use to access junctions or roads like Mariama-Yonna road. If we want to access the junctions, we use the wrong lane. Therefore, we have to drive on the path of other vehicles,’ Musa Jallow, a driver, said.

Another driver, Abdoulie Jarju said the disconnection between the many junctions and the highway is disrupting the flow of traffic.

He added that driving on the wrong path is not safe because cars on the highway run at high speed.

Jarju said there should be an intersection between all busy junctions or roads and the highway for the smooth flow of the traffic as well as for the safety of road users.

Kebba Sanneh lamented that competent authorities need to reexamine the construction of the road to ensure no one is affected by it.

He further opined that it is not late to create intersections on the highway because many of the junctions are frequently used by people.

‘This road is supposed to create convenience for us but it is not. I am not comfortable using the road especially when our car has to drive on the wrong lane to access our junctions,’ Salimatou Gibba said.

She added that they have to run on the pavement to avoid blocking the road or colliding with other vehicles.

‘This is not safe. I am therefore appealing to all competent authorities to consider connecting all important junctions to the highway,’ she added.