Corpse of Foni Gunshot Victim Evacuated to Banjul


By Nelson Manneh

The National Assembly member for Foni Bintang Karanai Constituency Honourable Bakary Badjie yesterday informed this medium that the corpse of an alleged gunshot victim (Duwa Badjie) has been extradited to Banjul and is currently at the mortuary.

According to sources, the late Duwa Badjie, a Gambian by nationality was allegedly shot around Jilanfari by the Senegalese forces stationed in Cassamace, the southern part of Senegal while returning from Funtang in the Foni Kansala District.

Honourable Badjie said: “The corpse of the late Duwa Badjie has reached the Gambia on Monday 5 February 2024 at night and it was taken to the mortuary at the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital in Banjul.”

The Member for Foni Bintang said a post-mortem to establish the cause of death of the late Duwa Badjie is yet to be conducted. He added that they are waiting for the authorities to give information regarding the incident.  

According to information reaching Foroyaa, the deceased was allegedly shot by the Senegalese military. He (the late Badjie) was then taken by those who shot him to Ziguinchor where he was pronounced death.

Since 2022, Gambian citizens residing near the border between Foni and Cassamance have lived in the shadow of an ongoing conflict between Senegalese Government forces and fighters of the Movement of Democratic Forces of Casamance (MFDC).

Deaths have occurred due to this conflict and these unfortunate deaths have all been allegedly attributed to the Senegalese military that frequently patrol the border separating Casamance in southern Senegal and Foni in the Gambia, forcing residents to live in fear for their lives and that of their loved ones.