Parents of two soldiers from Mbankham arrested


By Mustapha Jallow Information received from a reliable source indicated that Essa Bojang and his wife (Fatou Sonko) were both picked up at Mbankhna village on Thursday 1 January 2014, around 5am by three men in plain clothes and whisked away to an unknown destination. The couple is the parents of two soldiers, Bakary Bojang and Dawuda Bojang who left the army four months ago. According to family sources, the three men in plain cloths came to their compound with a four wheel drive tinned glass vehicle and asked for Dawuda Bajong’s father and mother (Essa Bojang & Fatou Sonko). Our sources reveal that the said men told Essa Bojang that he and his wife (Fatou Sonko) are under arrest, and when Mr Bojang asked them to identity themselves they told him that they are from Amdalai Police Station.  Without hesitation, Mr Essa Bojang and his wife (Fatou Sonko) joined them and they were led into a waiting four wheel drive tinned glass vehicle that then whisked them away. However, a source added that since then they have not returned home. “On that same day, we tried calling his cell phones, both of which rang without any answer from him. We went to Amdalai Police Station to look for them as the men in plain clothes told them, but we could not find them there. We proceeded to Barra Police Station to search for them but to no avail as we were told the same thing,” our source revealed. Family members were filled with grief and some were seen crying. They say the reason (s) for their arrest and disappearance without trace is not known to them. They are appealing to the authorities to release their loved ones or help them to trace their whereabouts.]]>