Pa Malick Ceesay expelled from APRC


Pa Malick Ceesay Saloum Constituency has been expelled from the ruling APRC. An announcement on the state owned GRTS indicated that the chairman of the party, President Jammeh, acting under the provisions of the APRC Constitution has expelled him from the party. Mr Pa Malick Ceesay became a member of the National Assembly when he was elected during the National Assembly election of 2012. Mr Pa Malick Ceesay is currently facing trial at the Banjul Magistrates’ Court charged with sixteen counts of economic crimes and financial impropriety at the National Enterprise Development Initiative (NEDI) in the period 2009 to 2012 while he was the coordinator of NEDI. He was at first refused bail but was later granted bail by the court. The effect of Mr Pa Malick Ceesay’s expulsion from the APRC is the loss of his seat and the conduct of a by election in that constituency.]]>