Pa Bobo Jobarteh Set To Entertain American Audiences


with Hatab Nyang

Welcome to another edition of the Arts, Music and Culture, the Column that brings you information, education and entertainment from the industry.

In this edition of the Column, we will inform the readership of the adventures and legacies of legendary Gambian Griots or ‘Jalis’ who have travelled far and wide, to present Gambia’s rich and diverse tradition and culture, and their siblings who are following in their footsteps to continue what they started.

In this edition therefore, we want to inform the readership of the latest information on Gambia’s young Kora maestro journey and adventure in the US with a scheduled entertainment of Gambian and American audiences in a maiden cultural show to be organised by the Gambian Embassy in Washington.

The cultural exhibition which is slated for Saturday 23rd July 2022 at Blair High School on 51st University Blvd. E in Silver Springs in Maryland, is billed to attract Americans and other people residing in that country, with the ultimate aim of selling Gambian culture to the wider world, especially the diplomatic community.

According to a statement from the Gambian Embassy in Washington DC, the cultural exhibition will witness the attendance of members of the diplomatic corps and friends of The Gambia, with the dual objective of showcasing Gambia’s culture in building mutual understanding, and to foster broader support for economic and political goals as stipulated in the Foreign Policy Strategic Document (FPSD).