Organization Urges Gov’t To Act Against Price Hike On Essential Commodities, Transport Fares


By Nelson Manneh

The Organization for Peace and Humanitarian Assistance (OPHA) has on Friday 4th June 2021 called on the Gambia Government to take steps towards addressing price hike on essential commodities and transport fares in the country.

James F. Mendy, the coordinator of the organization, said the government needs to take steps in order to mitigate the price increase of essential commodities as well as on transport fares. He said the government ought to work on the long-term solution to these challenges.

“We have seen how the prices of basic commodities are escalating at the market. we want the government to help the masses especially those living from hand to mouth,” he said.

Mr. Mendy said fish has now become the most expensive basic commodity at the market which shouldn’t be. He said there are lots of exploitation in all areas and the authorities need to put an end to it.

“Transport fares are the worst. People are now paying three fares in areas where they are supposed to pay only one fare. We want the government to put an end to all of these issues because it is not fair,” he said.

Mendy, visibly frustrated, said Gambians have no mercy to their fellow citizens because the people they are exploiting are their own brothers and sisters. He said it is the responsibility of the stakeholders to make sure that all these things come to an end.

“We have made a proposal as an organization and we will engage stakeholders and authorities on how to put an end to these exploitations. We will engage drivers, the transport union, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Trade, vendors among other stakeholders,” he said.

He said with or without funding, the organization will do its best to make sure that they achieve their aims.

Meanwhile, OPHA is a civil organization aimed at engaging stakeholders on current issues that are affecting human life daily and to work on possible solutions to those issues.