ONE DAY FRANCE ANOTHER DAY MALI OR BURKINA FASO AND THE NEXT DAY PAKISTAN From the slavery of the body to slavery of the mind


The murder of innocent people in the name of Islam which calls on its believers to respect the five pillars of the faith which should restrain the believer from perpetrating any evil confirms that African men and women are being subjected to another form of indoctrination which is making them to turn against their own people and nations.

Mental slavery does not surpass the act of strapping explosives around one’s body and march to a crowd of human beings and detonate the bomb to kill oneself and many others for no purpose but to nurture hope of going to heaven. Women too expect to meet their husbands in heaven once they follow suit in committing suicide.

What type of mis-education are such young people receiving which makes them to become so naive as to believe that they could go to heaven by murdering people who have done nothing to them.

We must begin a new process of re-educating the African youth so that they would be free from the new brand of colonisation of the mind. Anybody who relies on any ideology to kill innocent people is a murderer disguised as a saint.

Saints are supposed to inspire people to follow them. They are not supposed to slaughter them like sacrificial lambs.

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