“Nyaaka Bubu Nyaaka Chene!” Part 8


By Amie Sillah Matilda She is tired and sleeping Mama Rose woke her up. “It is time to go remember transport difficulty,” Mama told her daughter. “I have finished packing and was tired then I decided to take a snap and went off. Thank you mama and may the good lord bless and keep you for me and I also promise never to fail you,” Matty posited. “My angel you make me stronger and have added so much joy into my life and I’ll always pray for him who made it possible for you to further your learning.” “Do that for me and I’ll be very happy.” Aisha And Papa “Use this golden opportunity provided by Saer and if it does not work in the end we will decide what to do.” The Trio They have paid for entrance fee and now preparing for entrance exams. “Girls we have to study hard to pass the entrance exams in order not to disappoint our sponsors. And as for me if I fail this time around K.B and Papa will kill me,” Aisha posited. “What about my mother who has to take a loan for this effect? I dare not fail if not I’ll cause her hypertension,” Matty posited.My brother sent me the money for this project and warned that if I fail he will disown me for good. I dare not fail in order not to earn his wrath.” Ada She took the friends to an outing and treat them very well. She gave them further advice. “Took your studies seriously pass your entrance exams and excel in your course and I am always be here to assist you at home and in the U.S. I’ll be returning next week but before then I’ll see you again.” Saer He took Aisha out for shopping and bought her shoes, clothing and accessories. “They are beautiful!” “Do you like them?” Saer asked her. “They are beautiful and I love them, thank you.” The Triplets They are at Matty’s home chatting. “Check it out girls! These are what he bought for me plus the expensive handset.” “I am happy for you O and remember that opportunity knocks only but once, use Saer for your U.S ticket and pray for me to get a guy like him who can facilitate my trip to America,” Begay posited. “I can hear wedding bells!” Aisha posited. Matty “Aisha! Aisha! Aisha! How many times did I call you?” “Three times!” “ Wedding bell for whom? Never betray K.B who have spent a fortune on you and your family; he loves you very much and is your husband, remember that money is not everything in marriage. Do not say I did not advice you as a dear friend and sister.” Begay “Matty! Why are you always negative when advising Aisha? Do you want to put sand into her ‘chereh’? We are talking about a man of substance and you are here talking about a poor wretched village taxi-taxi driver? Why should you put K.B’s name in our discussion? Die if you are displeased with Aisha’s decision to give Saer a chance.” Matty “I cannot be intimidated by you calling me names. Money is not everything,” Matty emphasized. Begay “Do not listen to her she wants you to embrace poverty by sticking to a village taxi-taxi driver. I see good life and happiness please embrace it.” Aisha “Thank you my friend for your good advice but I’ll disappoint you Matty because I am in line with Begay’s thought; I’ll give Saer a chance as my Papa said to prove his worth.” Begay She mocked at Matty and said; “Matty, the preacher we are very sorry poverty is not our portion and an option here.” Matty “You are just deceiving her Begay the devil (Satan).” Begay She laughed heartily and responded; “I like it so far as my friend abhor poverty and no more K.B’s name mention here.” Aisha She is well dressed with Saer’s gift and strolling the village as she met K.B just outside her gate. K.B “You look beautiful in your dress.” Aisha “Thank you.” K.B “Where to in such expensive designer attires? Who bought them for you?” Aisha She took offence and scolded him. “Are you saying that my parents are so poor that they cannot afford such attire for me?” K.B “You are dodging my question and you know that I did not mean what you are saying, you cannot force words into my mouth Aisha; you have changed since this Americana came to the village pursuing you; what have I done to deserve such treatment from you?” Aisha “You have just insulted me and have spoilt my day. I am going back into my house.” K.B “This is just a tactic to dodge my question as a means of diversion.” As she entered her house she turned and said; “Papa will punish you if he finds you in his compound loitering.” Mbinkey She stood at the verandah and waited for Aisha to enter. “You are treating this young man badly after everything he did for you and the family. This is not good at all and I detest it.” Aisha    She became defensive. “I am just obeying Papa’s advice as a good daughter that’s all.” Mbinkey “Aisha! Aisha! Aisha! How many times did I call you? What an elder sees sitting down a child does not see even standing at the tallest tree. I am not part of and I have said my mind O!” She shook her head in disapproval. K.B He is shattered but wanted to hide it from his mother who with her eagle’s eye understands K.B’s every mood. “What is it again Aisha’s problem? She will kill you for me.” “It is nothing Mama, I am just tired and worried about poor traffic.” “It is not true; am I a child who you can fool? Take it easy my son; Aisha is not the only girl in the village,” she advised but he ignored her and went into his room. At the Nursing Academy Matty came into their dormitory and quarreled with Begay. “It is very unfair! How can you talk to K.B like that? You are ‘porruk’ (the throat) who cannot be thankful to last year’s food. K.B helped us throughout our education career, giving us lift to and fro from school not to talk about financial assistance as students but even if your opportunist tendency disfavour him now be polite to him at least,” Matty advised. Begay She talked back to her. “What is your problem? I am not you. If you prefer a taxi driver to an American citizen and graduate that is your business and do not make me a party to it.” Matty “I repeat a million times that not everything is about money and please stop deceiving Aisha who is lost at the moment and do not know what to do.” Begay “What is it? Why are you always defending K.B? If you want to marry him Aisha would kindly dash him to you and please get into your thick skull that the relationship between Aisha and K.B is over, over!” She scolded Matty. Matty    “You are just terrible and a bad influence on Aisha; right now she is consumed in frivolities and you are encouraging her; she is neglecting her studies then how can she fulfill her American dream? We need to study and pass in order not to disappoint our sponsors; I know why I am saying this, we have worked very hard to get into the Academy. To be Cont.]]>

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