“Nyaaka Bubu Nyaaka Chene!” Part 5


By Amie Sillah Editor’s Note: We apologise to our esteem readers for the errors contained in the last two publications. The Friday publication of the “Nyaaka Bubu Nyaaka Chene” story which should have been labeled as Part 4 was instead made Part 3. As for the Monday publication, an entirely different story other than Part 4 of the “Nyaaka Bubu Nyaaka Chene!” story was published. The errors are deeply regretted. Matilda (Oulaye) She rushed to her mom and asked for her help. “I am a poor widow abandoned by your uncles when I refused to be inherited by any one of them as they eyed your father’s only compound and farm land; I am just a church cleaner and cannot afford sending you to a Private Nursing School; please stop tormenting me Oulaye! Every good mother wants the best for her kid but here poverty is preventing me from doing that.” Oulaye cried bitterly. Aisha with her Parents “Now what is your good newsafter hearing mine?” Aisha asked her parents. “Apart from the new guy, K.B is also asking for your hand in marriage.” Mama said with excitement.Papa frowns and pretended not to have heard her. “I don’t want to marry anyone; my education is my priority period! I want to improve my life first just like our friend Adam.” Aisha snapped. “You are getting in and out of that poor taxi driver’s house but if foolish enough to let him impregnate you be ready to show me your grave because I am ready to kill you and go to prison for it.” Papa scolded. “I am very surprised to hear you talk like that about K.B who practically single handedly sponsored our daughter’s education after you shelve your responsibility and left everything to his hand to handle.” Mama snapped. “Poverty is worrying your small head! How can you compare a small village taxi driver with Saer Biran a guy from the U.S who runs his own transport business and now a U.S citizen, he brings in a lot of opportunity and please never mention that Kebba of a boy here in my house again.” “My choice is K.B; I don’t know Saer and I don’t care whether he comes from the States or not; K.B is kind hearted and have demonstrated over and over again her love and care for our daughter since he met her and shown his intention about her. Am sorry I am not an opportunist.” “I don’t care what you or any other says about it, my daughter marries Saer and nobody else.” “Look at both of you fighting over my choice of a husband, I am not ready to marry anyone as of now until I achieve my goal of becoming a qualified nurse and works in the States then I can think of marriage.” Aisha argued. “But Saer is the right man for you; I can talk to him to hasten the process of the marriage so that he can take you along to complete your Nursing studies.” “Can you?” “Yes, I can.” “Meanwhile, my intention is clear no marriage for now until my ambition is fulfilled and if Papa wants marriage let him marry Saer.” Aisha posited and left abruptly. The Parents Alone “I am very surprise at your chameleonnature yesterday was K.B and now is Saer! What sort of man are you?”Mama posited.You are just a woman I am not bothered by you.”Papa posited. Matilda She walked to the end of the villageand while strolling back sobbing and looking melancholy Saer met her and stopped his transport. “Beautiful damsel! Why are you melancholy and gloomy?“Excuse me! I am not in a right frame of mine.”Matty responded.Am sorry but can you allow me put smile on your face? My names are Saer Biran; what are yours?” “I am Matilda Oulaye.” “What nice names!It’s a pleasure meeting you.” Aisha She visited K.B and found him in a reflective mood.You are in a reflective mood! What are you thinking about?” “One has to stand back and check and balance about life.” “You are right but have you been thinking about what I told you?” “About the Nursing profession?” “Yes, what do you think about it?” “It is splendid! Nursing is a noble profession and you have my unreserved support.” “Do you?” K.B nodded his head. “Give me a hug!” “Thank you very much for always being here with me.” “Go out there and get the requirements, you are not a dunce as everyone calls you, you are intelligent and I’ll help you.” “My friend Begay have already done that for us and we are to sit to an entrance examination to be enrolled if one passes.” “So you are already prepared before you come and tell me?” “Well I know you’ll ask that’s why I found out about everything before coming to you; I want to look before I leap.” “You are a serious, smart girl that’s why I love you very much.” K.B posited. “Come tomorrow and I’ll give you the money.” She kissed him. “Thank you very much.” Aisha kissed K.B. Saer He dropped Oulaye at her gate. “I do not know you in this village; where do you come from?” “Well, I am from this village but I travelled to the U.S in search of greener pasture; now to my earlier question, why were you at that remote part of the village sobbing?” Saer pressed for an answer. “I want to go to Nursing School but there is no money to foot the bill, my mother is a widow abandoned by dad’s relatives who eyed the small property he left us; she is a cleaner at the church and there is no way she can pay tuition fees for me. I want to get education to help myself and also get my mom out of poverty.” “Oh that is great a young lady passionately talking about education, I admire your courage and I am willing to help with no strings attached, how much are you talking about?” Saer asked. Matty was overwhelmed and just stared at Saer. Yaadi She came to her son to borrow some money.My suppliers have come from Senegal and are asking for their money before they supplied me with fresh goods, can you borrow me D10, 000 and I’ll pay you after a week.” “Mama! I am very sorry the money I kept went to spare parts for my taxi but surely next week I’ll accumulate and help you, try and convince your creditors I don’t mind giving them my valuables as a co-lateral.” K.B said. “It is alright I’ll try and convince them I know they will agree because I never owe them anything.” To be Cont.]]>

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