“Nyaaka Bubu Nyaaka Chene!” Part 18


By Amie Sillah Begay “Let me come with you, I love you but you rejected me and went for Aisha who has many suitors after her when I have none. I gave you myself freely and showed you what I can do but you still rejected me. Please, don’t you see I love you and want to come with you?” Ous He is trapped by Begay’s engagement and wanted to leave as soon as possible. “We shall see, just allow me to go and come back. I’ll make it up to you.” He then hugged her. The Search Party The search party came and Jegan pointed him to them. Jegan “That is him the fraudster who has caused misery to thousands of workers including myself, the Liberian Security Forces and the Interpol want him; arrest him!” Aisha “So this is you? It is true! The criminal makes fool of me and destroys my life! I am finished! Where will I start from here?” She then turned to her friend Begay. “What are you doing here with Ous? You went behind my back to cheat with him? Matty is right, she warns me to be careful with you because you always deceives me. Take both of them away!” The duo are whisked away into the police van, both in handcuff. Aisha She paid Matty a visit, and what did she find? Saer coming out from Matty’s house and she was surprised. Mama Rose held her daughter’s hand. Aisha “Good afternoon, Ma!” Mama Rose “Good afternoo Aisha! How are your parents?” Aisha “They are fine and have sent their greetings.” She turned to Matty; “I was searching for Saer and I’ve searched everywhere to no avail, and on second thought I decided to come and ask you to help me find him, since he is your good friend. Allah is praised that I found him here.” She turned to Saer and said, “I am very sorry for all what I’ve made you go through due to my youthful exuberance. Can I speak to you alone?” Saer hesitated and looked at Matty who signaled him to comply. Aside “I am very sorry and hope you have forgiven me.” Saer “It is okay and I have forgiven you a long time ago.” Aisha She became happy and relieved. “We can now plan for our wedding; I have learnt my lesson and am ready to wed you now.” Saer He went back to Matty and hugged her. “It is late for you as you can see. We have done our registry wedding and are now off to Chicago for our reception.” The Shock “But you said you hated him and was out to ensure I go back to K.B., why the change of heart?” Aisha asked Matty but Saer decided to reply her. Saer “We never liked each other because I thought she was interfering and siding with K.B, but thanks to your misbehavior which drew us to each other; I misjudged her and now I know better that she is my missing rib and I have perfectly fitted it. If you don’t mind, we are on our way to the airport.” Mama Rose She hugged and kissed her daughter and son in- law as she shed emotional tears and prayed for them. Aisha    She stood and saw all the happening; she shook her head and rushed out. At K.B’s House She went to K.B’s house and shouted his name and when there was no reply, she got into the house only to rush out again. Yaadi “Good afternoon, Ma!” “What is good about the afternoon? You’ve come to check whether your ‘mugu’ (naïve fool) is dead?” Aisha    “No Mama! I have offended him and have come to apologize.” Aisha knelt before Mama. Mama Yaadi “Get up, he has already forgiven you long time ago. Aisha “Has he? Where can I see him? I am now a changed person; I’ll marry and be very faithful to him.” Mama Yaadi “Wait for me he has given me something for you.” Aisha “Thank you Ma, I’ll wait for you.” She is happy that K.B still remembers her. “We can patch up; he is a noble man and has loved me very much. I’ll be very faithful to him, I will never betray him again, and K.B is my only true love! Allah will bless you Ma.” Turn of Events Mama Yaadi came out and threw her picture to her. Aisha She examined it and asked. “This is my picture.” Mama Yaadi “Yes it is, K.B asked me to give it back to you. He was running up and down to give you the good news, but you never gave him the opportunity to do so, he is now a U.S citizen which he won through the Visa lottery.” Aisha She slumped to the ground. “Mama! Are you joking or what?” Mama Yaadi “Have I ever joked with you, or do you know me as a jester? Good bye and good luck! Thank you Aisha for awakening my son from his ‘stupid love’ for you, an insensitive brat! Nyaaka Bubu! Nyaaka Chene!” Yaadi locked her door. Aisha She is shattered as she rolled under the verandah! “I am finished! I am done! What bad luck? I have overplayed and scored myself. Mama Yaadi you are right! Nyaaka Bubu! Nyaaka Chene! America here I come! I want to drink poison! I want to die here!” The End]]>