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“Nyaaka Bubu Nyaaka Chene! Part 16


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By Amie Sillah Matty She came home for holidays and also to discuss pertinent issues with Mama Rose. Mama Rose She is excited to see her daughter; she examined her from head to toe and embraced her and asked her many questions. “You are slim, are you eating enough food?” Matty smiled and responded; “Of course Mama, I eat a balance diet as a nurse trainee, the carbs gave me weight, I lessen it and do more exercises. I teach you healthy eating.” “But you are too small for my liking.” Mama complained. “How is your study?” “I am very fine Mama and my study is on course and I came first in all my tests as well as third term exams. After the holidays will be my last year at the end of which I’ll graduate. I promise to excel with distinction.” “Tomorrow I’ll receive my salary and will buy you nutritious foodstuff. Everything for my baby girl and you made me a proud mother.” She hugged her. Matty “Mama everything is not fine as I earlier told you, that’s why I am here for your motherly advice.” K.B He came home and hid from Mama. He cried bitterly. “Mama is right! Aisha has changed for the worst; she neither lovesnor respects me. I have to reorganize myself and look forward.”K.B got resolved. Mama Yaadi She saw him wet from head to foot. “What has happen? You are wet head to foot! Are you okay?” K.B “I had an accident!” Mama Yaadi “An accident!” She dropped her plate upon the floor and gasped as she examined her son head to foot. “Have you kill or hurt somebody?” K.B He smiled. “It is not that kind of an accident; I bumped into a woman with a bucket and she splashed it unto me.” Mama Yaadi She felt quiet relieved. “Now go inside, changed and eat your food, I’ve prepared your favourite, ‘Mbahal Bu Tilim’.” Aisha    She came to school excited. “Good news my dear Begay and any other person who care to listen. Ous has proposed and I have accepted to marry him and another announcement I’ve also left Saer, my ex left-over for an old maid who cannot have a boyfriend of her own. She caricatured Matty. Begay    She mustered courage and decided to confess. “Aisha! I have a confession to make about Ous.” Aisha “What confession about him? I am all ears but e better be good because if it is worst I’ll cut off our friendship when I leave these shores.” Begay She changed the course of her discussion. “I just want to confess that you are very blessed and lucky to have Ous as a husband, he is a cute guy and the favourite of the babes; hold him well-well so that the vultures would not come near him.” Aisha “Thank you very much and I’ll heed your advice very well.” Begay “Matty you’ve heard her, are you not going to congratulate our friend?” Matty “Congratulations! I hope he gave you a diamond ring with all the goodies he is throwing around!” Aisha She reflected and watched her finger. “She is right O! He did not give me a ring!” Then she turned and heaped insults at Matty. “You idiot have you ever seen a diamond much to talk about a ring?” Matty    “I am sorry if I have offended you, I just wish you to have in the best in your decision.” Aisha “You are very right he has to give me a diamond ring he has the doe.” She changed her attitude and became nicer to Matty. Jegan He told his parents about his bad experience in Liberia. The Experience “A fraudster ‘419’ dumped my company of millions and forced it to close its Liberia branch and I was forced out of work; our fringe benefits were all confiscated by the company due to the fraud. I’ll kill the fraudster if I lay my bare hands on him.” Mbinkey She sympathized with her son and prayed for him. “I am very happy that you are back, while there is life there is hope.” Papa Sorgi “Where is the money? We need money to come out of poverty.” Mbinkey “Our son has just narrated his bad experience and instead of empathizing with him you are asking for money? What sort of heartless man are you?” Papa Sorgi “Was he not being paid before the incident of the fraudster?” Mother and son expressed surprise and disgust over Papa’s senselessness and decided to ignore him. Papa Sorgi “Your mother embraces poverty but as for me I want my children especially my only son to make money by any means necessary to take us to gentry. Poverty is a curse.” Ous come with Aisha The duo met dad behind the house still nursing his sprained ankle. Aisha    “Dad! What is happening? Have you sprained your ankle? Have you taken drugs?” Ous concurred. Papa Sorgi “It is as a result of that curse boy K.B, my enemies sent him to come and molest me and as I chased him away I fell down and sprained my ankle; it is about a week now but it is getting better I have taken some drugs.” Ous “Let us get him to the clinic and get him best treatment or take him to the city for better treatment.” Aisha concurred with him. Papa Sorgi “It is manageable, I am getting better, don’t waste your money my son.” Ous “We have to take you to the U.S after we’ve settled for you to have the best of treatment.” Aisha concurred. Papa Sorgi “That is a better idea and I buy it; you have better facilities down there than here. Thank you my son and may the good lord fulfilled the good dreams you have for this family.” Ous “Amen Papa! Amen!” He dipped into his purse and drew a cheque of D20, 000. “Take this cheque, cash it and buy your needs.” Papa Sorgi “Thank you my son thank you! All this for me? May Allah replenish the place you got it from. The giver never lacks.” Mbinkey and Jegan They went on a stroll and spoke about old times enjoying themselves. They came and decided to visit dad who sat behind the house under the big baobab tree.” To be Cont  ]]>

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