“Nyaaka Bubu Nyaaka Chene! Part 15


By Amie Sillah Begay She came and asked Matty a queer question. “What do you do when your best friend had sex with your fiancé and text you about it?” Matty “Well I don’t know anything about that.” Begay “Are you a dummy? You don’t seem to know anything; I thought I can count on you as a friend but here you are giving me a dumb answer.” Matty “Why are you angry with me?I told you the truth, I don’t know because I don’t have a boyfriend.” Aisha She was out waiting for Ous for about 15 minutes. “Honey! What is holding you over there? I have already waited for 15 minutes and am catching cold; you better come now or else!” Ous “I am very sorry sunshine, my jeep develop some electrical problems and I tried to fix it through my mechanic; I am on my way.” Aisha “Be fast about it I am losing my patience.” As soon as she turned around whom did she see? “What are you doing here?” She enquired. “I’ve come to see you; let us talk.” “There is nothing to talk about; go inside she is there I am very sure you’ve come to see Matty, the old maid is inside waiting for you because she has no boyfriend and you are a perfect candidate,” She posited with sarcasm. Saer “I have nothing to do with Matty she just steps in to help us come together as your good friend when she realizes that K.B is out of the scene. I have come to you to get something definite before coming to a final decision; I came home for a purpose that is to get a home grown babe as my father wish, when he chose you as the daughter of his bosom friend I did not object after seeing you and falling in love at first sight; things were moving until Ous showed up what he did or said to you I don’t know, but now he has drifted us apart; now tell me the truth about our courtship and I’ll take it in good faith even if it disfavour me, I am a gentleman who wish to live by his deeds guided by his words.” Ous A jeep drove in who was in? Ous came out with excitement. “I am very sorry sunshine for keeping you out in the cold; it was my jeep which is the culprit.” He hugged and kissed her. Aisha “As you can see I was waiting for my hussy. I’m out for a date and he is here. Good bye.” Saer “Thank you Aisha for teaching me a very good lesson of life. You can take the horse to the river but you cannot force it to drink. Marriage/relationship has to be based on consent and reciprocity. Aisha “You are welcome for understanding. Thank you and bye!” Ous “Sunshine you are smashingly beautiful and gorgeous! Who is your designer? Show me him/her and I’ll put his/her whole boutique on order. How is Begay?” “Fine!” Aisha replied. “I saw her yesterday, did she tell you anything?” Aisha looked surprised. “And she did not tell me she saw you, was she supposed to tell me something?” “Not exactly I just thought girlie gossip that she saw me but I was not doing anything. Let us change topic.” The duo drove away and left Saer stranded. He shed emotional tears and shook his head. Saer “Do unto others what you’ll like them do to you! Matty is right I should not have gone ahead to befriend Aisha when I found her in a serious relationship even if my father proposed it; now she and her father see it as a game, survival of the fittest. Now I am free from Aisha’s ‘warhala’ (troubles) and will definitely seek somewhere else. So Allah help me to fine a good fitting missing rib!” He prayed. Papa He is in great pain and keeps on cursing K.B all the time to the disgust of Mbinkey who ignored him. “My enemies sent him to me and I should not have eaten the bait; why should I follow him with a machete? Let him burnt to ashes in his taxi! Let him die a miserable death!” He cried in pain. K.B He came to the Eatery to collect his money and found Aisha with Ous eating ‘fufu’ and cow foot pepper soup a delicacy of the customers and she is surprise to see him. Aisha “What are you doing here? Why are you following me around? Am I your class or mate? Have you Taken Mbinkey’s goods to the market?” K.B “Not yet, can you give me an audience I have something very important to discuss with you?” Aisha “An audience for what idiot? Don’t you see I am occupied with my fiancé? And why didn’t you do what I hired you for?” Ous “Who is he?” Aisha “He is the taxi driver I hired to do errands for the family.” K.B “Is that what I am to you Aisha? You cannot be serious!” Ous “Don’t you see she is occupied with me her fiancé and we have no time for idiotic gossip, leave and now!” Aisha “Are you still standing and staring at me? Ous “Go and now!” He posited with arrogance. The Unexpected Aisha looked around and saw the dirty water customers washed their hands into and splashed it upon K.B and wetted his whole being. K.B He stared at her shook his body and left. Aisha “You are lucky it is just dirty water and I wouldn’t have hesitated if it was hot boil water just to get you off my back! Hush!” She posited with disgust. The Visitor Jegan, Aisha’s elder brother arrived. Mbinkey She is overwhelmed to see her ‘taaw’ (first born). After exchanged of pleasantries mama would not take her eyes off her son. Jegan    “Mom! What are you eating and applying on your skin? You look so young, beautiful, radiant and sweet! You do not look 60 your biological age but a sweet 40 year old woman!” Mbinkey “Are you flattering me? Do I fit all your description?” Mama laughed over it. Jegan “Where is everybody? I miss you all.” Mbinkey “We are all fine, healthy and hearty; your dad is asleep and Aisha is in Nursing Academy.” Jegan “Aisha, my ‘baby’ sister going to be a nurse? Mom! I am very excited to see her. Aisha, a nurse?” Jegan became hilarious. Mbinkey “Aisha is no longer the small teenager you left when you went for greener pastures. She has grown into a beautiful damsel in Nursing academy and being sought after by suitable suitors.” To be Cont.  ]]>