“Nyaaka Bubu Nyaaka Chene!” Part 14


By Amie Sillah Matty with Saer “I fear for Aisha’s waywardness and where it will land her. Although naughty, she is still my friend and needs me for telling her the truth unlike Begay who is compromised because of greed and want.” Saer “I am very sorry for not communicating that I sent the cake I would have done so but when Aisha answered the call I couldn’t.” Matty “How did you know about my birthday?” Saer “Facebook babe! Facebook!” Matty She came into their house get into their room and brought out the cake. “It is safe I’ve known the sender, we can eat it.” She cut a portion and munched it. “Umm! It is a nice cake. You can have some Begay, have some!” Begay hesitated. “Are you not eating my cake?” Still Begay did not respond. “Okay!” She cut more and took the rest into their room. She did not ask Aisha who is snubbing her. Begay’s Game She sent false message to Ous using Aisha’s phone then deleted it before she came out. Ous He is very surprised of the message and suspected that Begay is playing on his mind. “Begay is a devil girl she is playing game on my mind I know her type but will deal with her.” He decided to call Aisha to assess the extent of damage done. The Phone Rings    Aisha took it and responded positively with soothing romantic words of encouragement which greatly surprised Ous. Aisha conferred to Begay. “It is Ous!” She whispered to her friend who gave an acid smile. “He said I am his sun shine and his fresh air!” Aisha laughed heartily. Reflection “What is happening? Her response is positive! Has she told her or not? Sweet surprise, whatever, I am just happy that my girl still loves and adores me; Begay go to hell! I don’t care about you.” Ous jumped and danced at his bed. Aisha sent her kisses through the phone which excited Ous. Aisha “Ous says we will go ‘bowling’ (slangs) and I intent to use more slangs when I go to settle in the U.S. I’ll slang more than the U.S president,” Aisha announced with excitement. Begay    She went inside their room took Aisha’s phone and sent more messages of insult to Ous, deleted the message and off the phone. Ous “What game is Begay playing? She sent insult messages but will not narrate the experience to Aisha. I’ll just ignore her as if she does not exist and will not raise any alarm until Aisha questions me.” Ous decided to ring Aisha but her phone is off. K.B He is counting his money and checking people who owed him now every butut counts. He has to raise fund for air ticket purchase and pocket money for incidentals and fish money for Yaadi. Mama Yaadi    “Are you not going to work today?” K.B “Mama work can wait; in fact the taxi already has a buyer and I’ll use the fund raise for my air ticket. But I need money for other incidentals and many villagers owe me; I want to collect and settle you, your petty business has to be replenished to fill the vacuum I’ll leave until I settle and start work over there. My tourist friend will welcome me and I’ll be staying with him until I find my way through. Mama thank you for all the support you gave me through the years and still giving me. I’ll pay you back big time, Insha Allah your status will be raise to high middle class, and you’ll lack nothing.” Mama She shed emotional tears and reflected back through the years how she lives with her loving, caring husband who shared everything with her little or plenty. Her in-laws discriminated her because she came from a lower caste and from a neighbouring country. “I have no relatives in the village and when my husband your father died they show me ‘peppe’ (hell). I was castigated and branded a witch and ‘aigaff’ (bad luck). They wanted to take everything he has but Allah gave me strength and I stood my ground. My best friend Kenbugal may her soul rest in perfect peace help me get a lawyer activist who helped regained back all the land and properties they took from me. I came back to his village and settle down with you all alone no help from any quarters. I am very happy for you my son and when you arrive in America don’t forget your background and I’ll always keep praying for you.” Mother and son hugged each other in deep thought. “Another advice don’t kill yourself on Aisha if Allah says she will be your wife she will if he ordains otherwise she will never be.” “Thank you Mama for your good advice and watching my back.” At the Hostel Aisha is still keeping malice with Matty and it bothers her. Matty She has a clean heart for everyone and prefers to tell you the truth than keeping malice; Aisha’s snobbish attitude bothers her and she decided to take the bull by the horn. “Aisha my pal and sister why are you snubbing me? I am not dating Saer as you think; whatever I do with him concerns you. My preference for K.B is not hidden because I still believe he is the best man for you; he is real, concern and a caring husband who was always there for you in thick and thin. Money is not everything and nothing is static you can be poor and helpless today and tomorrow there is an opportunity and your status changed overnight; I always argue that K.B is ambitious and hardworking; he does not wait for government’s work which will never come but decided to be self-employed and live his life with dignity and contentment; he is never a slave to power and wealth and he did something for us which I’ll never forget for once and whenever I have the opportunity to reciprocate in words and deeds I’ll not hesitate and that is still my stand but you are old enough to take care of your life and I respect your decision but I’ll not deceive you and someday you’ll realize I am a friend indeed. I am very sorry if I offend you in any way which is not my intention.” She got up and stretched her hand. She hesitated but took it and said: Aisha “It’s okay and just as you rightly say I am an adult and can take good care of myself. My decision to choose Ous among the three is solely my prerogative and as for K.B I don’t care how you feel about him but he is dead and buried; I now have my fiancé Ous and I’ll marry him it is final and I cannot waste my valuable time talking about the past when the present is promising and right in front of me; I am very sorry my fiancé will soon be here and I have a date to catch; good night.” Matty “Good night my friend and good luck in your endeavours.” Matty is happy and contented that she told her mind without any malice and in good faith. “The future will tell who is right or wrong. My conscience is clear I’ll never deceive anyone not to talk about a friend.” To be Cont.    ]]>