“Nyaaka Bubu Nyaaka Chene!” Part 10


By Amie Sillah Saer with Papa He came to lay a complaint against Aisha. “My fiancée Aisha your daughter is being distracted by whom I do not know. Please Papa helped fulfill our dream of getting our two families together.” “I know the detractor, is it not K.B, the school dropout now a village taxi driver?” “You are right Papa he is the one, today he met me at a village shop and mocked and insulted me.” “God! That boy wants to put sand into my soup? I’ll skin him alive if I lay my hands on him. Don’t mind the detractor, you are Aisha’s God chosen husband, tell your father to send his Go-Betweens and let them bring the ‘chenn’ (bride price). Call her now and if she refuses to answer you let me know and if necessary I’ll go to her school and drag her home.” “Thank you Papa I am greatly relieved.” At the Campus Matty kept to her promise and concentrates on her studies and excelled in all subjects. Her sponsor was overwhelmed and very happy. She was promoted to the second stage. Her friends Begay and Aisha were referred as they failed all their subjects. Matron of the Academy called and warned them. “You cannot be promoted as you have failed all your subjects; you better buckle up because the rule is that if you are referred thrice you get expelled.” Matty She is studying very hard to get promoted to the final class. Begay entered the room and put on a loud music which irritated her and she protested. “My friend! Don’t you see me studying? You are distracting me for God’s sake, use your ear phone and stop playing nuisance.” Begay “Haven’t you noticed?” “Notice about what?” Matty asked. “Two men from abroad precisely the U.S are here fighting over Aisha and asking for her hand in marriage but what about us two equally pretty damsels, not even a village guy has come to ask for our hand in marriage? Is Aisha the only damsel around? We have to do something O! Has Aisha not tied our luck?” Matty “That I cannot answer because I am not diabolical. And as for me my worries is not about getting a suitor right now my worry is to concentrate on my studies and pass my exams and I think all of us should be concern about that.    Adam has said it all, what she gets is from her profession and not any husband and she has promised to help us if we are serious with our studies.” Begay    “What’s wrong with your dumb head? If people say right you say left. I am talking about a quicker way; either Saer or Ous can make her dreams come true sooner than later. That’s the opportunity am talking about.” Matty “Well, I respect your opinion but do not agree with your reasoning, please respect mine. Both of you are not concentrating on your studies and you are at your third warning, remember that! Anyway that is your life and none of my business and I’ll definitely not kill myself for you. I am no longer thinking of travelling to the U.S or get a U.S hussy my preoccupation now is my studies and to excel at it.” Saer and Alhajj Morr Alhajj is disappointed with his friend Papa Sorgi. “You can take the horse to the river but cannot force it to drink; can you whip a dead horse to come to live? My friend is not helping the situation and I am suspicious of him; I think he is trying to play hanky-panky.” “Papa don’t blame yourself for a good idea you have conceived; the soup have gone sour does not mean it was never a good soup. Papa Sorgi promised to talk sense into his daughter.” “Did he? All the same my son as our people would say count your teeth with your tongue,” Papa advised. Saer with Matty He rang Matty and they met at a restaurant. “I need your help my sister, what should I do now?” “No you don’t need my help! How did you treat me when I advise you to let go of Aisha? That K.B spent a fortune on her and if she betrayed him nemesis will catch up with both of you sooner than later. I am not surprise just as K.B rightly predicted that the heavy load was yet to come.” “Please help me find out where she is; I want to have a discussion with her.” “Tell me one reason why I should do that after you treated me as trash when I tried to advise you?” “Because you are my friend and also her friend and as it is said a friend in need is a friend indeed!” Papa Sorgi He came home and found an expensive brand new jeep parked at his entrance gate. “O! This boy is something else I thought he has only one small car but he now came with a bigger brand new expensive jeep. He can definitely take our family out of poverty.” He smiled and went into his house. Papa Meets Ous It was a big surprise to find a total stranger instead of Saer he withdrew when Ous stretched his hand to greet him. “Papa! I’ve seen 5 missed calls from you I hope everything is fine? All the same this is my friend Ous, ‘a bigger guy’ than Saer; he is an exporter and importer and stays at the U.S as an American citizen. He is ready to take me immediately to the U.S to study nursing there and also to build a duplet for us and you can also be coming to the U.S. for visit. He can also help you to start a small business of your choice at the village.” Papa smiled and became more receptive to Ous. Ous He dipped into his pocket and took out D5000 new packet notes and gave it to Papa. “This is for kola Papa.” His face glowed and he gave a broad smile. “Thank you my son you are always welcome to my home; I am after my daughter’s happiness and will not force any relationship onto her; marriage should be based on consent as our constitution states.” “Thank you dad and I’ll ensure you lack nothing, your daughter is precious and she is the queen of my heart. I’ll transform your lives for good and you’ll not lack anything as long as I live.” “Let’s settle under the tree it is fresher outside inside is very hot.” Ous asked Aisha to bring some refreshment he kept in his jeep. To be Cont.  ]]>