Friday, September 17, 2021

No Buying Of Groundnuts At Seccos


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Abdoulai G.Dibba

Farmers in Seccos within the Bara, Kerewan, Kaur, Bansang, Kudan Depot circles, have informed this medium that there has not been any buying of groundnuts in their respective Seccos since January 15th  2019, due to lack of cash.

Farmers across the country, have lamented the lack of cash during the trade season this year, saying that it leaves much to be desired. They also say that anytime one visits a Secco, the Manager will indicate that there is no cash, which puts them at the mercy of middlemen who purchase their groundnuts at cut throat prices, since Government could not ensure cash availability at the Seccos, to guarantee the buying of their groundnuts.

They lamented the lot lot of groundnuts leaving the country for Senegal due to lack of cash at the Seccos. This they said, is not good for the economy of the country because groundnut is the major cash crop of the country.

When contacted, the Secco managers in these Depot circles confirmed that there is no buying of groundnuts in their respective Seccos simply because of lack of cash, adding that they are not also allowed to engage in credit buying.

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“Credit buying was what was keeping groundnuts in the country. But because we are not engaged in credit buying, the groundnut produce is leaving the country,” they stated.

When asked as to the number of times cash has been disbursed by their financier, the secco Managers stated that they were disbursed cash only twice from the start of the trade season in December, to now.

“The first one was in December 2018, and the second in January 2019. Maybe the third one will come before the end of February,” they told this reporter.

This reporter is trying to reach the Authorities to confirm whether D250 million (14,045 tons worth of groundnuts), is the only disbursement made so far?

Once the authorities are reached, readers will be informed accordingly.

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