New Transport Fares to Begin Today


By Amadou Manjang

Following the agreement between the Gambia Transport Union and the Government of the Gambia, transport fares on all approved routes across the country should increase today.

The agreement to increase transport fares was introduced when the Gambia Transport Union engaged the Government on the increase in the price of fuel which has affected commercial drivers.

According to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, the increment in the price of fuel is caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine but assured both public and businesses that measures have been put in place to ensure sustainable retail and long term fuel price stability.

However, commuters particularly those in the greater Banjul area frowned at the said agreement on the increment of transport fares and said the lack of regulating or monitoring of the transport such in the recent past by the Government, does not reassure them.

On the other hand, commercial drivers welcomed the move citing that it will assist them in not operating at a loss.

“It is a good move that the Transport Union and Government agreed to increase transport fares due to an increase in the price of fuel worldwide. This will ensure that we do not operate at a loss,” Alagie Darboe, driver at Serrekunda garage said.

Alagie said the increment in transport fares is because of the sudden increase in fuel price and this cannot be their fault. He urged drivers to avoid unreasonable increases in transport fares when scarcity of vehicles arises; that people are faced with trying times because of a surge in basic commodity prices as well.

Besides, the increment of transport fares, route licensing/permit is also introduced therefore commercial drivers will be operating within registered areas. There is also a reduction of tariffs at the Sene-Gambia Bridge and the introduction of queuing at the Port of Banjul.