Never Again Network Visits ABJ Senior Secondary School


By Yankuba Jallow

Members of the “Never Again Network” (NAN) have visited and held very fruitful engagements with students of Alieu Badara Jallow Senior Secondary School (ABJSSS) in Brufut. The engagement which took place at the school premises on Tuesday 13th December 2022, was the second to be conducted by NAN as part of its ‘Right to Know Campaign.’

The first engagement was with student leaders of Mingdaw Upper Basic and Senior Secondary School in Farato on Thursday 8th December 2022.

Following a welcome statement from a member of ABJSSS staff, NAN members engaged the students in conversation on various topics designed to empower and sensitize them on their rights and responsibilities as citizens, and on how best to prevent a recurrence of dictatorship and human rights violations in The Gambia.

More specifically, the Network team members addressed the students on the importance of empowering young people; the importance of girls’ education and awareness of their rights; the need for boys to be supportive of their female siblings and cultivate responsible public behavior, and why it is important to continue the “Never Again” campaign during the post-TRRC period.

The questions raised by the Network and discussed with the students included why “Never Again”; why we have a government; what type of government we have; the proper relationship between the government and the people, and what type of society Gambians deserve, to move forward.

Discussing these questions enabled the “Network” to give students a brief overview of and insight into the making of the post-colonial nation-state; governance systems; human rights violations under the Jammeh dictatorship; the differences between monarchies and constitutional republics; where power really lies in a republic and how ultimately Gambians are one big family that must strive hard, to live together in peace, harmony and mutual love and respect.

The students were very much engaged in the conversation. Many asked insightful questions and contributed comments on various topics. Two female students recited poems on girls’ empowerment and the need for justice and reconciliation.

The event was attended by the School’s principal, vice principal, and several members of the teaching staff.