NAWEC clampdown on people suspected of stealing electricity


By Amadou Manjang

The National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) said they have clampdown on dozens of people for stealing electricity last Tuesday.

According to NAWEC, they will be collaborating with the police to bring charges against the offenders.

However, when Foroyaa contacted the police to confirm it, the police said they have no information regarding the issue.

Meanwhile, NAWEC has stated in a press release that people are stealing electricity by tampering with NAWEC cash power meters.

“This act is depriving NAWEC the much-needed revenue for its daily operation and maintenance,” it says.

However, NAWEC warns that the practice could lead to the damage of cash power meters or even cause an electrocution when tampering with it.

NAWEC urged people to report anyone who steals or attempts to steal electricity by tempering with the cash power meters.

The electricity service provider added that they’re in collaboration with the police to combat the act throughout the country.