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One thing that is very interesting is the mere absence of the state in many villages that border the Casamance. In Foni Kansala for example Kapa is the main village which is used as a catchment village. Unfortunately the service available at Kapa is a basic cycle school. Some months ago firing between Senegalese forces and armed opposition in Casamance led to the use of drones to identify the position of the armed forces which led many in Kapa and similar villages to vacate and move to other areas. Now that school has resumed, students are finding it difficult to go to school or some have even transferred to other schools. Teachers also are finding it unsafe to be at their posting. The education ministry should pay heed to the challenges of the school.

However in the long run there is need for a close study of the challenges of these border villages with a view to providing services that will empower them in order to bring them into the fold. Governments become relevant to the people when they render services to them.

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