NAM For Serrekunda Donates Food Items to Flood Victims  


By Nelson Manneh

The National Assembly Member for Serrekunda Musa Cham, on Sunday 14th August 2022, donated food items and five hundred dalasi cash to each of the thirty affected flood victims of the recent flash flood in Serrekunda, with each of the beneficiaries receiving one bag of rice and five hundred dalasi cash.

The brain behind this noble initiative according to Mr Cham is the Emergency Response Fund (E.R.F.) and the Serrekunda Community Food Bank.

The National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) in its investigation report indicated that there are about five thousand, four hundred and six internally displaced people across communities affected by the recent heavy downpours.

Mr Cham prior to becoming a National Assembly member, was a Councilor for London Corner Ward, and during his tenure, Cham established the Emergency Response Fund (E.R.F.) and the Serrekunda Community Food Bank respectively. The two institutions were established by Cham with the aim of assisting people living within Serrekunda during disasters and other emergencies that require assistance.

In his remarks, Mr Cham explained the genesis of ERF and the Serekunda Community Food Bank.

“When natural disasters occur, Government help is too slow to come by and my Constituency members are in dire need of assistance which is why we did not hesitate to come up with this initiative,” Cham said.

He also acknowledged the voluntary Board Members of the said institutions for their tireless effort and all the donors for their support.

For the beneficiaries, they all expressed gratitude to the donors including their NAM Musa Cham and his team for remembering them during these trying times.