Banjul Flood Victims Yet to Return To Their Homes


By Amadou Manjang

Victims of the recent floods in Banjul Box Bar area, are yet to return to their homes after taking sanctuary in St. Augustine Senior Secondary School.

The flood has damaged many houses and household materials of the people, including sofas, mattresses, cupboards and other household materials which could be seen in the yards of some of the deserted homes.

Speaking to Foroyaa, Momodou Sambou, a resident of Box Bar, lamented that his wife is still staying at the School since the flood happened.

“She only came here yesterday but she is back at the School to continue staying there for the time being,” he said.

Sambou said the flood has filled their houses and destroyed many of their properties, adding that he is thankful that the flood water has been pumped out.

However, the small stagnant pools of water that contain dead fish giving pungent smells, can still be seen in their homes besides damaged sofas and mattresses. Two to three compounds beside Sambou’s residence are also deserted in the streets of Box Bar leading to Campama area.

Alhagie Jobe, a resident of the area, said the people whose homes were badly damaged by the flood are yet to return to their homes.

“The water has created havoc for many people and its effects are still on them. They are still housed at the School. We really need help to make them return to their houses,” he said. He said the people are still housed at the School, adding that those whose house materials are damaged need to replace them.

Jainaba Jallow, another resident of the area, lamented that she deserted her home because of the flooding, saying it was not safe to stay there.

“I am yet to return because the house is in bad shape. Some work needs to be done there,” she said. She called on the Government to help them return to their house, after being thankful for the food aid they receive earlier. However, she said they need support so that they can return home.