Murder Case Set for Ruling


At Basse High Court

By Lamin Fatty

The Basse High Court presided over by Justice Landing Sanneh, recently adjourned an alleged murder case involving one Amadou Gagigo and two others for ruling.

The presiding Judge is expected to decide on the continuity of the prosecution’s case or struck it out accordingly, for lack of indictment against the accused persons for over four months now. 

When the matter came up last Wednesday 8th June 2022, State Counsel I. Cham did not hesitate to apply for another adjournment on grounds that the case file is still under review.

“Unfortunately, still nothing has been filed as far as this matter is concerned. However, I believe that the authorities are still reviewing the said case file. Therefore, I hereby apply for another adjournment to allow the relevant authorities to properly review the case file, and I am equally apologising to this honourable court for any inconvenience that it may cause,” Counsel Cham applied.

While responding to state’s counsel application, Justice Sanneh maintained that the state is undoubtedly not pursuing this case while grossly violating the rights of the accused persons.

Justice Sanneh further intimated that there have been adjournments and adjournments in this case; that the state is certainly not pursuing this case. He however said that the court is a court of records and everything written will be useful in the future.

“As I stated earlier the state is in gross infringement of the accused persons right, notwithstanding, I will however give chance to the state to put their house in order all because of the nature of the allegations and the matter will be adjourned and then the court will decide whether striking out the matter will be necessary or not,” Justice Sanneh said.

Subsequently, the matter was adjourned to 28th June, 2022 for ruling.

Justice Sanneh finally informed the State that there is ample time before the said date to file indictment against the accused persons if they so wish.