Saturday, December 9, 2023



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There is evidence that the oil spill commenced from the Gam Petroleum facility. Gam Petroleum therefore should explain what happened. It is significant to take note that the current is sweeping the oil towards the Pirang end, an area which had been a breeding ground for shrimps. The more the oil is allowed to be moved by the current the more the environmental impact will be worsened.

A fire brigade approach would lead to failure before any cleansing exercise is started. The extent of the flow of the oil and the quantity of the spill should be taken into consideration when it comes to the cleansing exercise. Foroyaa has spoken the National Environment Agency, which claimed to have issued a press release on the matter on Thursday, 2nd June. The matter was given a holistic approach.

The cleansing exercise should have started where the oil swept by the current reached and then move towards the direction of the oil spill. We need both expertise and equipment to be able to handle an emergency situation such as this. There is need for immediate action.

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