Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Multilingual Rapper Wants Gambians to Consume His Message through His Music


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‘B-Da Sufi’ is a Gambian artist who sings in different languages and wants his fellow countrymen to comprehend his message through his songs which talks about peace, love and the difficult living conditions of Europe.

“I want to explain to the people the type of life we live in Europe. People just do not know what is going on there. They just think that everything is good over there and that is why I released an Album called welcome to Europe. I want Gambians to get these and other messages because my music is all about messages and I want them to get these messages,” he said.

According to ‘B-Da Sufi’, he can associate to three nationalities; that he was born in the Gambia, raised in Senegal but currently resides in Norway where he is a citizen.

In an interview with this reporter, ‘B-Da Sufi’ said Gambian music is doing well; that some of the Artist have started filling the stadium during shows and described this as good; that it shows that Gambians are coming out now to support their artists and this was not happening before. He however called for more effort by all and sundry to give more support to Gambian artists. He urged his fellow artists to work harder and believe in themselves and what they do.

‘B-Da Sufi’ has been engaged in music since 1997. His first album was released in 2007 and has also done many promotional songs in Senegal. He is an independent hip hop artist residing in Oslo, Norway. He has developed a style of rap in many languages such as English, Norwegian and Wolof etc. By blending these different languages, gives ‘B-Da Sufi’ such unique style of hip hop.

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