Tuesday, September 21, 2021

London Based Gambian Music Promoter Harps On Gambian Music


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Welcome to another Edition of the Arts and Music column.

With Makutu Manneh

London based Gambian law practitioner and music admirer Claudius Taylor Sonko in an interview with Foroyaa said music does not match with politics because it affects an artist’ career.

“Artists should not let politicians dominate them because people or their fans will not take them seriously,” he said.

Claudius Taylor Sonko who said he was born in Banjul and raise in Talinding, said artists should avoid such and learn from what happened during the former president’s era.
Mr. Taylor said he owns the ‘Talinding Artist House’ with sub-branches like Jokadu records, Karantaba Music Den and Sika Publishing; that all this is initiated with the vision to help Gambian artists and promoting Gambian art.

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“I want to help the artists and not only to make it big in the Gambia but outside the Country as well, by branding Gambian music as an international product like other countries,” Taylor said; that Gambian Artists should produce music with messages and hopes that tells the youth what to do; that should tell them the story of the country. Taylor said Gambian artists are talented but urged them to come up with messages in their music that will last for the rest of their career and beyond. He advised them to value their culture and avoid imitating others in singing and playing music.

Taylor said music is powerful and contributes to a nation’s economy if it is done and managed properly; that it is time for Gambia artists to realize this; that he is ready to help and promote Gambian music because he loves doing it even though he is getting nothing from it.

“I hope people and the artists themselves will support me. This is about helping our country and community and we should put them first in whatever we do. This is a valuable business that can create employment and prevent youth from risking their lives by embarking on the ‘‘backway” journey.

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