Minority Leader condemns Banjul armed attack


By Lamin Sanyang & Muhammed Bah Honourable Samba Jallow, the Minority Leader and National Assembly Member for Niamina Dankunku yesterday, Tuesday 6 January, condemned the alleged foiled coup at the Legislative Chambers of the National Assembly in Banjul.“We equally condemn the attack. The opposition parties and their leaders deserve to be commended for not being involved in the attack and had never been  found in support of a coup or a terrorist attack since 1994,” said Honourable Samba Jallow. The Minority Leader said contrary to other countries, it is members of the opposition and their leaders that sponsor or aid such practices to gain power. He noted that Gambians are peace loving people and political leaders must unite in fostering good relationship in the society. Honourable Fabakary Tombong Jatta, Majority Leader and NAM for Serrekunda East, commended the Minority Leader, saying that he is making history in the politics of the country. He said it is human to appreciate and applaud what is right. “So far we have not identified any opposition party being part of any coup attempt but as government in waiting they should stand up and condemn the coup and terrorist attacks. It is either to support or condemn it,” the Majority leader pointed out. The Majority Leader stressed the need to build trust between the government and the opposition parties. He mentioned the inter-party dialogue they used to have at the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC). He urged the opposition parties and their leaders to participate in national events. The Nominated Member, Hon. Babou Gaye Sonko who doubles as the ruling party’s national youth mobiliser also commended the Minority Leader and called on the opposition leaders to emulate him. He called on opposition parties and their leaders to come out and condemn the alleged coup attempt. “This is an attack on all Gambian people irrespective of our political differences,” said Honourable Sonko. Meanwhile, Hon. Pa Malick Ceesay, NAM for Lower Saloum also joined his colleagues to call on the opposition to condemn the coup attempt. He questioned the rationale of the opposition when the United Nations, African Union and other international bodies are condemning the attack. He argued that the politicians of the country must show to the outside that they are united as a nation.]]>