By Sulayman Bah

Manjai Sports Committee head LaminDarboe has denied reports of his committee being cash-strapped.PREXY DENIES MANJAI SPORTS

Manjai Sports Committee seceded from the parent body Manjai Youth and Sports Development Association (MYDA).

However, since it’s breaking off from MYDA, the committee is said to be grappling with serious financial constraints. The financial situation of this new sports body, which needs to pay finalists their prize monies but believed to be struggling to settle them, is reported to be getting worse as  the Manjai League championship comes to an end.

But Darboe, the committee president, whose reelection triggered the separation from MYDA albeit on a controversial note, has refuted such reports and insisting that the issue has in fact been resolved.

“That has been solved already, they (the finalists) have been paid their money,” he told Foroyaa Sport, but would not dwell any further.