Managers meet over Ama, Gouye Gui Gambia combat


By Sulayman Bah

Managers of Ama Balde and Gouye Gui this week met to discuss whether or not to go ahead with staging the GouyeGuiAmaBaldecombat in Gambia.

Ama Balde and Gouye Gui are due to battle in a traditional wrestling combat mixed with fist fighting, a kind of sport dubbed Borreh Dorr, banned by The Gambia government.

Lobbyists have been making attempts to persuade concerned authorities to rescind the ban or at least allow the proposed big battles to go ahead.

Gambia Radio and Television Services, one of array of promoters backing the fight, Foroyaa Sport understands wrote to Gambia Wrestling Association seeking to hold the fight.

However after a long wait over a reply from authorities, managers of the duo Senegalese wrestlers this week met to contemplate possibility of holding the combat having seen the proposed date of the duel, December 27th, pass without news.

The parties were yet to release a statement over what next at time of going to press yesterday.

Ama Balde squares Gouye Gui in finals of what initially was a four-man wrestling competition.

The Pikine-based wrestler who’d been on a run of victories, will seek revenge on Gouye Gui whom he lost to three years ago.