Majority Leader Challenges Sixth Legislature to Avert Partisan Politics


By: Kebba AF Touray

The Majority Leader and National Assembly Member for Kantora Hon. Billay G Tunkara, has challenged his fellow lawmakers of the Gambia’s Sixth Legislature to avert partisan politics when dealing with national matters.

Hon. Tunkara levelled this challenge on members of the Sixth Legislature recently during an interview with this reporter at the National Assembly in Banjul.

“I want to challenge the National Assembly Members of the Sixth Legislature, to do their utmost best and avert partisan politics, when dealing with national matters in the Assembly. Let us nurture and utilise the slogan of ‘See Country before self’, and work in that spirit in the performance of our representative, legislative and oversight functions,”  he challenged lawmakers.

He expressed optimism that the Sixth Legislature will work hand in hand for the interest of the Gambian people, which will require more of consensus building in parliament.

This he said, is important because both the minority and majority sides of parliament need to come together and build consensus to make sure that the supreme national interest is served.

“If that is achieved through consultation and inclusion of both sides of the Assembly, the Assembly will really arrive at a consensus on pertinent national matters. The language of the Sixth Legislature should be consensus building in the performance of its legislative functions,” Hon. Tunkara reiterated.

Hon. Tunkara also promised to surpass the achievements he has registered during his first term as Member for Kantora, pledging that he will continue to represent the people beyond the expectations of the electorate of Kantora, and the Gambia at large.

“Even though there is added responsibility which is the position of being Majority Leader. I will ensure that this responsibility does not hinder or retard my performance in parliament. I will ensure that I participate effectively, to ensure that representation, legislative and oversight functions are upheld,” he assured.

“I promise that I will to work to the best of my ability to ensure that the position of Majority Leader serves the purpose for which it was entrusted to me.”

Hon. Tunkara expressed gratitude to the electorate for the trust and confidence reposed on him, by electing him as their representative in the legislative Chambers for a second successive term. He also hailed President Barrow and the entire NPP for nominating him as Majority Leader.

“It is a very rare privilege and I am deeply honoured and grateful for having the opportunity to be re-elected with an added responsibility of being the Majority Leader,” Hon. Tunakara maintained.