Live Shell Retrieved From Farmland In Foni


By Nelson Manneh

The live shell

Members of the Gambia Armed Force stationed in Kanilai, on Saturday 31st December 2022 discovered and retrieved a live (unexploded) shell in a farmland in Kampant village, in Foni Kansala District of the West Coast Region.

Attempts to reach the armed forces PRO for comments proved unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, Hon. Almameh Gibba, the National Assembly Member for Foni Kansala Constituency who reported the matter to the armed forces, said a farmer from the said village visited his farmland and saw the live (unexploded) shell on the ground, and decided to contact the former NAM of Kansala who called to inform him (Hon. Gibba), about the incident.

Hon. Gibba said that was when he called the Commander of the Military camp in Kanilai village, to inform him about the incident.

“The Commander then came with some members of GAF, and we went together to the area, and they retrieved the live (unexploded) shell and took it to their post in Kanilai,” he said.

The shell being carried away by a Soldier in a sac

He said this live (unexploded) shell which was seen and retrieved by members of GAF in Kampant, was less than 200 metres away from the Trans-Gambia highway (Bwiam-Soma highway).

He added that GAF military personnel have advised all the inhabitants of Foni border villages to report the matter with utmost urgency to them if they see such strange things on their farms or within the areas they live.

Yahya Badjie, a resident of Kampant village who spoke to this reporter, said they are now afraid of going to their farmlands because of this devastating discovery.

“The live (unexploded) shell that we recently saw, lies just a few metres away from our compounds and the highway,” he said. Mr. Badjie said they have decided to abandon their farmlands for the moment because of this devastating incident, and said they are now worried about the future of their domestic animals that roam within these areas, not to accidentally step on and activate such unexploded shell(s), wherever they may be found in the bush.

Foroyaa will further attempt to reach the armed forces for comments on the matter and will conduct further investigation.