Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Lawmakers Adopt Report on Pan African Parliament Session


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By: Kebba AF Touray

The National Assembly on Monday adopted the report of the National Assembly delegation to the 3rd Ordinary Sessions of the Pan African Parliament, held in Mirdland, South Africa, from 2nd -19th November 2019.

The Pan African Parliament was set up in accordance with the ABUJA 1991 treaty and is one of the nine organs of the Organization of African Union (African Union)

The treaty pointed out that each Member State shall be represented in the Pan African Parliament by five members, at least one of whom must be a woman and the representation of each Member State, must reflect the diversity of the political opinions in each National Parliaments or other deliberative organs.

Tabling the report before the Assembly, Alagie S Darboe, Member for Brikama South, said the Pan African Parliament, is to ensure the full participation of African Peoples in the development and economic integration of the continent.

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He said that The Pan African Parliament has its seat in Mirdlan, South Africa, with the exception of Eritrea; adding the total membership is expected to be over 270 parliamentarians, representing 54 countries of the continent.

He said the Pan African is informed by the vision to provide a common platform for African peoples and their grass roots organizations to be more involved in discussions and decision making on the problems and challenges facing the continent.

Darboe said the Pan African Parliament is premised on facilitating the effective implementation of the objectives and policies of African Union, promoting the principles of human rights and democracy in Africa, and encouraging good governance.

It is also to promote transparency and accountability in members states, facilitate cooperation and development in Africa, strengthen solidarity by building a sense of common destiny among the peoples of Africa, promote peace, security and stability and contribute to a more prosperous future for the peoples of Africa by promoting collective self-reliance and economic recovery among others.
The report was adopted by the legislators following a long intensive debate by the lawmakers.

In the same but separate engagement, the Minister of Justice, Aboubaccar Tambedou, in accordance with Standing Order 65 for the First Reading, presented some bills to the National Assembly for scrutiny, consideration and adoption.

The bills include Constitution (Amendment) Bill 2019, Public Order (Amendment) Bill 2019, Information and Communication Bill 2019, National Human Rights Commission (Amendment) Bill 2019, Women’s (Amendment of Discriminatory Laws) Bill 2019 and Sexual Offences (Amendment) Bill 2019.

Sittings continue Tuesday 3rd December 2019 at 10:00 am

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