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Late Hon. Demba Sowe Laid in State


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By:Kebba AF Touray

The late National Assembly Member for Niamina West, Hon. Demba Sowe, was on Friday 31st January 2020, laid in State at the Legislative House in Banjul, following his demise in the Kingdom of Morocco.

Relatives and friends

The occasion was attended by the Vice President, Ministers, National Assembly Members, Party Leaders, Family Members, Well-wishers, and a cross section of the society.

Paying tribute to the late Hon. Demba Sowe, Speaker Mariam Jack Denton, said late Legislator, has immensely served his duty with, diligence, respect and dedication during his tenure in office, to his constituents and the nation at large.

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She said “During his tenure as National Assembly Member, late Hon. Demba Sowe served as the Vice Chairperson of the select committee on the environment. In addition he was also a member of Trade, Standing Orders, Tourism and Gambia-Turkey Friendship Committees”.

The widows of late Demba Sowe

She described late Hon. Demba Sowe as polite, honest, noble, respectful, dedicated, humble and supportive to individual to the people especially to the people of Niamina West.
Majority Leader Kebba K Barrow, expressed gratitude to the Gambia Government, for the diplomatic work executed in ensuring the quick repatriation of Late Hon. Demba Sowe.

He said “We as members of the national assembly, are fortunate to have a college who was very open, committed to his work, to ensuring that there is availability of clean drinking water, for the vulnerable people of Niamina West and Gambians by extension, as well as concerned with equity in the country and the improvement of livelihoods of women and children”.

The Majority Leader added, “It is with this sorrow and sadness we want to pay this special tribute to late Hon. Demba Sowe and family and the entire Gambians, that late Sowe was principled and committed to the work entrusted to him”.

A representative of the Gambia Democratic Party (GDC) narrated that the deceased, was born in Niamina Male Kunda in Niamina West in 1972, he attended Mount Cameroun Primary School and proceeded to Farafenni and upon completion, he worked briefly at the Judiciary ( during the Algali Commission) , to the Gambia Printing and Publishing Corporation and later became a private businessman.

He stated: “With the advent of the GDC party in 2016, late Hon. Demba Sowe joined the party and has since then been one of the party’s strongest pillars. He won the parliamentary seat in 2017 and served judiciously as a member of the National Assembly, till the time of his death”.

He continued: “Late Hon. Demba Sowe was a man of integrity, a gentleman and a real patriot who served in the various legislative committees. His services were praise worthy and will be remembered as his legacy”.

Mr. Yerro Jallow, a friend and Samba Gagigo, on behalf of the deceased’s family, described the late legislator as loyal, dedicated and a caring father, who has the interest of his constituents and the country at heart.

Vice President, Dr. Isatou Touray, described the late Parliamentarian as a giant for the GDC, a passionate democrat and an exceptional lawmaker, who earned the respect of the entire legislature.

Dr. Touray added: “He has indeed manifested love for the Gambia and was so proud to represent his constituents. A resolute campaigner who cares about people and never gave up, always wanting to sit out and speak up for the silent voices”.

She added: “In this sacred house, where he served with honor and pride, late Hon. Demba Sowe, now lies in State being honored as a man of deep civility, quiet thoughtfulness, and has confidently lived of the virtues of decency, humility and steadfastness”.

After what was marred by tearful and touching moments, Late Demba Sowe was taken to his native village of Male Kunda, Niamina West for final burial.

He died on Friday 24th January 2020, in the Kingdom of Morocco, while on a private mission and was repatriated back to The Gambia on Thursday 30th January 2020. He was laid in State at the National Assembly on the 31st January 2020.

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