Monday, March 20, 2023

Lac 2 vows to down ex- King of Arena Yekini in 3 mins


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By Sulayman Bah

Lake Guier 2 dubbed Lac, has vowed to trash former Senegalese King of Arena Yahya Diop (renowned as Yekini) in Yekini   Lacthree minutes.

The bout scheduled for this Sunday marks Yekini’s return to the arena for the first time after four years.

Joal-born deserted wrestling following his shock defeat to Balla Gaye II in 2012. It was the former King of Arena’s first humbling in 17 years of wrestling. That loss, in April, was also the first time Lac 2 –his opponent on Sunday – also bit the dust weeks before.

Though Yekini insists he didn’t quit the scene but merely took a brief breather.

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However, Lac has made a massive but daring promise to pin down the erstwhile arena commander in three minutes.

‘I will continue to say this. I will give him just three minutes to beat him. Notwithstanding, everyone respect him myself included for all that he’d achieved. But on day of the combat all that will be packed side,’ says without batting an eyelid. Yekini on the other hand chose not to respond to his adversary’s mind games preferring to wait till day of the fight.

The contest scheduled for July 24th this Sunday, is being staged by Aziz Ndiaye Promotions. Dubbed the clash of technique, this contest will be Yekini, one of the oldest wrestlers of recent, first battle after four years as he attempts to at least secure a win before retiring.

Lac 2, revered but mostly under estimated, has vowed to hand Yekini a bitter return and revenge for his boss Muhammed Ali whom the Joal-born Yaha Diop overcame on medical decision in a previous fight.

Lac enters this duel on the back of win over Papa Sowe.

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