Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Keeping Track Of Our Fish Stock


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The weakening of trade unions since the first republic has also weakened social auditing of the implications of government policies. Farmers unions, fisher folks unions, seamen unions, dock and maritime workers union and so on and so forth are the eyes and mouths through which our waters and farmlands are protected from those who have no regard for the environment but are simply interested in making millions at the expense of the environment.

The ministry of trade and ministry of fisheries should look into the fish market. There are claims that fish meals are having devastating effect on our fish stock. The government therefore has special responsibility in getting experts to study the claims and inform the government and the public whether those claims are valid or not.

Unfortunately political association has become more important than social associations aimed at protecting the interest of the vast majority of Gambians. There is need to consider strengthening nonpartisan associations aimed at preventing or redressing social ills irrespective of political association or affiliation and free from political manipulation and infiltration.

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