Karalang Jabbi To Appear In Court On Tuesday


Reports have it that Karalang Jabbi will be arraigned in court on Tuesday, 26th October. Foroyaa will be following this case very closely because of the strangeness of the way he was arrested, charged and taken to court within hours. He was then remanded in custody.

It is common for individual supporters of political parties to express sentiments in defence of their political parties. It is uncommon for skirmishes between supporters of parties not in government to report to the police against supporters of other parties not in government. Why it is happening in this case requires close scrutiny.

The MP of the area is reported to have approached Lawyer Saikou Jaiteh to come to the defence of Karalang Jaiteh.

The evidence that will be adduced should be very interesting in indicating how he was arrested, who arrested him, how he was restrained under arrest, who delivered him to the police and how, what effort the police have made to visit the crime scene before forwarding the matter to court.

The novelty of the case would require the National Human Rights Commission to send observers to monitor the case. When civilians take the role of the police the risk of mob justice becomes the order of the day. We already have the Kanilai incident. All political parties could establish vigilante escorts and usurp the authority of the state. The end result of this case will create a new trend in national security, giving licence to all political parties to take the law into their own hands. This will not sow the seed for peaceful election.