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“Jongaama!” Part 7


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By Amie Sillah Back to the Girls “He called me to express his love for me.” Sha told her friends. “It is a lie.” Mberry refuted her claims. “Why do you doubt that he is another of my ‘munku’?” Sha bluffed. A Surprise Knock “Who? Come in the door is not close.” Mberry said. “Here give it to your friend.” Said Mr. Handsome. “Can you come in for a glass of water?” Mberry invited him. “No, thanks, another time.” “Mr. Handsome said I should give you this.” Mberry said with a coy laughter. “Are you serious?” Amsa asked with amusement. “Give it to me.” Sha demanded. “Can you open it we want to see the contents?” The duo requested. “No! I’ll open it in my room, follow me to my room.” “Why? We always open ours here for all of us to see and admire.” Sha’s Room She emptied the contents upon her bed. “Oh this guy is so romantic he knows my favourite romantic colours.” Sha bluffed. “But why didn’t he give it to you right there and then? I cannot understand.” The girls asked. “The guy is a shy person I think, when he gave me the stuff I asked him in for a glass of water but he declined.” Mberry explained. “Rose flower is included in the list.” Sha showed them. “He is the guy rock him well.” Amsa advised. Richie He drove into the compound and Sha saw him through the window. She pretended to be talking through the phone and said; “Okay, I am coming.” Alhajj    He called and asked about Sha. “Sha has gone out.” Amsa said. “Is okay? How me baby doing?” “She is fine.” Amsa replied. “Why no call me? Fear self! Let e call me O!” Amsa “What Sha is doing to Alhajj is not good at all, let her let the man go and take care of his family.” “Are you the man? He is foolish let Sha play him like a puppet.” Mberry posited. Sha She drove into the compound when her friends were inside their house and went straight to Richie’s house. She bought some fruits for him. “Here take the fruits I bought for you.” “Oh it is very nice of you but I am not a fruit person and if I keep them they’ll become spoil, Papis has gone to the village and will not come till the week end. I am very sorry and I am going out, good day.” Sha became embarrassed but must mask it. “Okay, I understand, it’s alright.” She came out and went straight to their house. More Lies “He bought me fruits, this guy is so romantic.” Sha told her friends. The friends were very convinced and have no reason to doubt her. “This guy is very romantic, some guys buy you clothes, shoes, you name it but this guy prefers to buy you fruit that is very thoughtful of him.” Mberry expressed. “Lower your voice the guy is very shy. He is unique, let me go and have a warm bath I am very tired.” Sha explained. “I am famished, have you babes prepare me some spicy stuff?” “Go and have a warm bath then proceed to the dining a delicacy awaits you bon appetite!” Amsa posited. “Your guy is handsome and unique gush!” The girls posited. Rose Rose has returned home to be home- nurse by Matam her sister who has sat to her exams and waiting for result. Richie found her sneezing and coughing. “Can we call the doctor?” “It is okay, relax!” Rose posited. Sha She is restless. “Where is he?” She asked her friends. “Where is who?” “Richie of course, hasn’t you notice? I have not seen him for some days, is he sick?” “Has she called you?” “I’ve got some missed calls, I returned them but he never pick.” She lied. “Poor network!” The girls said in unison. “Cheer up! He’ll soon be here.” They advised. “Where is he?” She kept grumbling. “Sha! Hold yourself and know this is just a game remember! Wake up! God!” But she kept talking to herself. At the House Richie kissed Rose on the bed and said. “How today?” He asked her. “A bit better, God is in control and I’ll worship him as long as I breathe.” Rose said. Matam went to the market to buy food. “I’ll take care of my woman while you go and come back.” “What would I have done without you?” Rose said. “You are my fiancée and would have done the same for me if I were sick, cheer up.” Richie cooked a tomatoey, spicy fish soup for his woman and served her with a fresh fruit drink. She ate while he chatted her to laughter and she became cheerful again. He gave her the good news. “The Physiotherapist said you’ll walk again if you are serious with your exercises and judiciously taking your drugs, according to him some patients did respond to treatment in the past.” “Are you serious or just trying to give me courage?” “I am very serious, read his comments.” Sha She is desperate and has to go to his flat and shouted his name. “Hello! Who is at home?” She shouted. Richie came out. “Sorry! I knocked and no response, I have to shout. I am very sorry.” “It’s okay.” Richie replied in a soft voice. The two Friends They eavesdropped from their window. Inside the House Sha brought him a homemade soup with freshly made fruit juice. “I am sorry I cannot take it and I am not interested.” Sha is disappointed and sad. She exploded. “Who do you think you are? What’s wrong with you? I am tired; I have tried so hard to please you but to no avail, why are you like this? What have I done but to love you with all my heart? Why are you pushing me away?Why?” She cried bitterly.” Response “Why are you shamelessly pushing yourself unto me? I am not interested in you or anybody else. I have my fiancée who I am going to marry, get it into your thick skull; I don’t love you or need you, hands off! Why are you a bloody man-hunter? You can leave for the door when you are ready.” He left her stranded. To be Cont.]]>

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