“Jongaama!” Part 5


By Amie Sillah Hadja Jabbou She prayed to Allah to give her a boy child to regain her husband and marriage back on track. “My husband change, enobi the man a marry years ago, now e wicked pan me and e hate we girl pickin.” Jabbou lamented. “Satan don take me man Allah help me O!” She prayed. The Damsels The girls argued about the ‘Handsome guy’ and how to woo him to one’s side. “He is handsome, cute but very snobbish; I just don’t know how to get him on my side.” Mberry and Amsa posited. “He is not a big deal so far I am concern, I’ll crack his nut and humble him, am I not Sha?” She bluffed. “This one is different from all the others; he is so full of himself and would not even look at our side not to talk of falling in love with one of us. I have given up.” Mberry posited as Amsa concurred. “Let’s take a bet, any amount, I am ready.” Sha challenged her friends. “Okay, let’s take the challenge.” They took the bet. At the Hospital Matam called Richie to come to their house and he rushed to answer to the call. He found Rose unconscious and they rushed her to the hospital and she was admitted at the Emergency Ward of Intensive Care Unit (ICU). She was attended to and Doctor asked Richie to meet him at his office. They met and he asked for blood donation. Richie volunteered to be tested and if match he accepted to donate. At the Nursing Home Doc advised for Rose to be transferred to a Nursing Home for better care because she suffered a rare congenital muscular disease. More specimens were taken for various tests to be done at the specialist hospital. Richie escorted the trolley as Rose was put on oxygen mask to the emergency ward; he wept bitterly and emptied his heart. “I am now on a well-paid job all because of you, we will suffer together, I’ll always be by your side till the end of the world; I love you so much.” He wept bitterly. The Damsels Amsa is in her room, Mberry rushed to give her hot news with excitement. “‘Mr. Handsome is back! He is back!” “Are you serious? Will tell Sha when she is back; I love this bet game; it brings D50, 000 and will be good to replenish my ward robe.” Amsa posited and Mberry concurred. “Did he greet you?” Amsa asked. “Proud peacock! He walked past me before I was even given the opportunity to say hello.” Mberry complained. “He was stern looking with no trace of smile for me wearing as usual a singlet and shorts showing his biceps and triceps muscles. He is unique and different I bet you he’ll not fall for Sha,” Amsa posited. “Don’t go very far, you know Sha now she has a gift of getting any man she desires.” Mberry posited. “But not that guy, he is different.” Amsa insisted. “Okay, wait until she comes,” Mberry stood her ground. The Damsels They criticized and picked on each other. Richie He shouted Musa’s name which alerted the damsels; they gossiped about him bluffing to get his attention but he walked past them without greeting. “The car is not yours, you are jealous of me!” Sha barked at Mberry. He ignored them as they do not exist and it hurts the girls. “See what you have caused?” Mberry protested. They started to blame each other. “Are you not irresponsible girls displaying superiority? He did not give a hoot about anyone of you. “I gave her back what she deserves,” Sha said defensively. Alhajj He rang Sha and promised her a car if she put to bed. She thanked him and sent him kisses over the phone which made Alhajj happy and excited. Jabbou She asked Alhajj to give her a lift to clinic to go for ante natal then to the market but he refused. “Go for cab, go ante natal then makit.” He gave her D100. She took it and shook her head. “Allah help me O! Help me!” She prayed. Reflection Jabbou reflected how Alhajj dotted on her as a maiden born and bred in Sierra Leone by Gambian parents. She arrived at Gambia a teenager who has completed Primary School. She was a teenage beauty in every sense of the word. Alhajj asked for her hand in marriage when he complained that his two wives did not bear him a male issue to continue his business empire and to expand it. As a young girl she agreed. Alhajj dotted upon her as the favoured young wife over the older ladies. She troubled and was rude to them. The same fate befalls her when she cannot deliver a male issue. Sha overthrew her in her kingdom and gained Alhajj favour especially when she claimed to be carrying his first male issue. She shook her head. “Allah de punish me now for troubling my two mates when ade na favour.” She lamented. At the Hospital Rose is struggling with her life with an oxygen mask still tied to her nose. She expressed pain as she waved her hands to Richie. He gave her courage. “You’ll not die you’ll live. We will keep praying for God’s intervention.” Matam    “Please God let my sister be healed as she means the whole world to me.” Matam prayed as she sobbed bitterly. Richie with Papis    He broke down in front of his ward who counseled him. “Pray for your woman all will be well in Allah’s name.” “My girl is suffering and there is nothing I can do, can’t you understand?” Shasha She saw them through their window and came out to bluff them. She greeted but only Papis answered back. “Am fine.” She went into her car and came out. “Neighbour, please I need your help my car is not moving.” She turned to Papis and asked him to impress upon his brother to help her fix the car. Richie became irritated and felt insulted. “Please excuse me! Do I look like a mechanic to you? What the cheek? Go and get yourself one, excuse me!” He went into his house and left Papis and Sha stranded. The Duo Shasha was dumbfounded and embarrassed. “Please Sha excuse him as he is not all the time like this, he is a pleasant guy but is not in a good state of mind.” “What is the problem with such a handsome guy with a nasty, sulky attitude?” “His fiancée is very sick and in bed.” “Oh I am very sorry,” Sha pretended. Papis came and helped Sha to fix his car by pushing to heat the engine. “Thank you!” Sha responded. To be Cont.]]>

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