“Jongaama!” Part 4 (She uses what she have to get what she wants)


By Amie Sillah The Damsels They stood at their verandah which is directly opposite ‘Mr. Handsome’s’ apartment and waited hours for him but he never shown up. The girls doubted Mberry and Sha became impatience of waiting. Papis When they realized the door shaking they became excited and thought he is coming out but when Papis showed up disappointment marked their faces but masked up when he politely greeted them. “Hi! How do you do?” “Am fine thank you.” Mberry asked him. “Where is your brother?” “Oh Richie! He travelled yesterday.” Damsels “Are you sure about this guy?” Amsa asked.    “Definitely sure! I saw him myself.” Sha is impatient and grumbling. Alhajj He maltreats and frustrates his wife to make her relocate to the village on her own volition in order to free him play with his girlfriend but Jabbou refused the bait which frustrates Alhajj all the more. He ordered her never to come to his room again because he needs privacy. Jabbou protested; “Aba! What type talk that be? Order you wife out of you room? That na ‘kalabante’. A-no understand dat.” “You de curse me you husband?” Before she could respond he jumped over her and beat her blue/black. The Girls They rushed between their parents to protect Mama. Alhajj restrained himself as the children formed a cordon around their mother and cried with her. Jabbou She took the children to bed then went back and sat at the door to Alhajj’s room and cried bitterly and loudly to disturb him from sleep. “You no de sleep! A child we no want mama sleep no de sleep.” Alhajj tried to ignore it but could not he came out again and warned her strictly. “Go to you room and stop disturbance if a come again ino de fine for you.” The Damsels The doorbell rang. “Who? The door is not close.” Surprise! Who came in? Jabbou entered with her four kids. The girls were dumbfounded and empathized with the anguished woman. “Na Sha a come fen. A-go able see am?” “You can, please sit down let me call her,” Mberry posited. Sha She exclaimed; “Who let this trash into my house? Who among you is the traitor?” She raved and ranted at her friends. “Take it easy Sha; what was I supposed to do not let her in? I cannot be rude to a human being; I am not trained to be impolite even if a person is in tatters and torn,” Mberry remarked.    “Who pays the rent here?” She rudely asked.    “Thank you Sha for reminding me that I am a squatter here but am sorry I have no apology for you.” Hamsata chipped in. “What is it now? Can we no longer able to put sense into your thick skull? Cool off! It is us your friends!” She joked over it. Meanwhile Jabbou enjoyed the amusement. “Enough of the distraction! Chimpanzee! What are you doing in my house with your little monkeys? Did you come to infect me with Ebola?”A wish a able do that to make we all die with you. She stooped before her and the four kids follow. Sha and her friends were stunned. “I know you no love Alhajj na e money you love, please le me have me man back.” She turned to her friends and begged them. “Please let you friend let me man go en love am.” Sha was overwhelmed with anger and hatred for the woman. The kids also pleaded with her. “Let Papa go aunty, you make Mama cry all time.” This melted the friends’ heart and they empathized with the traumatized family as they helplessly saw their friend raved and ranted. “Before I open my eyes and count 1,2,3 get up and leave my house now, now before I turn violent.” “Please! Please! If you continue God will punish you.” Jabbou and the kids pleaded. Sha pushed them and banged the door after them. “It is you God will punish idiot! What arrant nonsense!” She Calls Alhajj “What do you want to do?” The duo asked Sha. “Call Alhajj of course to control that bush wife of his.” “Please don’t add insult to injury as you’ll make matters just worse.” “Do I care?” She called Alhajj. Alhajj    “A-hope everything fine Sweet Mango?” “That bush wife of yours came to my house with your four children just to come and insult me, had I not have respect for you and her condition I would have beaten her blue/black. What the cheek?” “Thanki for you respect for me, if e come a-go do me yown. No mine the fool, a-go send her packing when put to bed.” At Home Jabbou came and got a good beating from Alhajj. “You de mad! Why you go attack mother of me boy pickin?” The girls cried with Mama and shield her from Papa’s punches. Alhajj He rang and begged for forgiveness.    “I’ll think aboutit; meanwhile tame your wild wife if you want to keep me.” Sha advised. “O ye!Edon’t calm, a givam good beating. Sweet Mango! A love you. Check you account a post some money de.” The Damsels The duo begged her to let Alhajj go. “You have punished him enough, let him go, you have nothing for him but grief in the end. You have gain a lot from him, a completed house you are renting, a fat bank account , posh car, ornaments from precious stones, the list goes on.” “Let him be and give his pregnant wife a chance to reconcile with her husband and the girls to know peace once again.” Mberry pleaded. “You hope to get married someday.” Hamsata concurred. “Are you playing the game or are you his wife? I beg your pardon just mind your business and let me be.” Sha shut up her friends. Richie He came out bare chest showing his muscles. Papis asked about Rose. “How is she faring?” “I have taken her back to hospital, there is little improvement.” The girls gaped staring at his exposed body. Mberry laughed at them. “I beg close your mouth, are you watching through it?” “He is handsome and manly, vey fit.” Hamsata added. “Did he greet anyone?” Sha asked. “I’ll break him; he will bend on his knees.” Sha boasted. “He is a hard nut to crack, forget about him.” The friends advised. “You can never get him.” “Watch me play the game,” Sha boasted. To be Cont    ]]>