“Jongaama! Part 3 (She owns the world!)


By Amie Sillah The Damsels They laughed over the foolish men who spend fortunes over girlfriends andJongaama concubines leaving their faithful traditional wives at home brooding and unkempt. “Look at this fool Alhajj! How is he sure you’ll give him male children?” Amsa and Mberry asked. “I’ll just pretend, squander his money and vanish. My late mother has worked it for me.” Sha laughed sarcastically. “Look his wife, humble, traditional and caring, her offence she hasgirl children only. Let him go to hell and rot there! Are girl children not human beings? Anyway you’ll show him ‘peppe’ because you are not there for him.” Rose and Richie Richie’s company has its headquarters at Dakar, Senegal. He is posted there to have more experience and he came to inform his fiancée and update her on arrangements. Rose    She is unwell with complaint of muscle pain, headache, joint pain and nausea instead of going to hospital she relies on self-medication. Richie protested. “I am not comfortable with this self-medication of yours; it is dangerous and can aggravate your ailment. Let us go to the clinic. I am posted to Dakar.” “Tell me about it.” Rose posited. “That can wait for now, let’s go to the hospital first and know what is wrong with you, my mind is unsettled if I leave without knowing the problem.” At the Clinic Many tests were done on her and Richie stayed and collected the immediate results while the rest were to be collected in a week’s time. He took the results to Doc and he asked him to wait for all the results to be collected before he gives his diagnosis and medication. At the Supermarket    Sha is with Alhajj at the supermarket shopping intensively. “Why you shop baby things? Any secret?” Alhajj asked. Sha laughed heartily and announced. “I am pregnant with your son, didn’t I tell you?” “What! Not true! Can’t happen!” “It has happen.” He swept her off the floor and pledged the world toher. “Ade marry you now when you put na bed we de untie and marry again so me son de born in marriage, we go then make bocou boy pickin. That na trick, a-go bribe few elders way go keep we secret O.” Alhajj is excited by the prospect of getting a son he can call his own by any means necessary. He accompanied her everywhere excited as a school boy at his first date with the girl he loves. Hadja Jabbou She came to shop at the same supermarket. As she went around, she spotted them playing romance in public to the amusement of the shoppers. Some Teenagers (boys and girls) They giggledand remarked: “Look at this middle age man playing romance with a young ladyas young as his daughter in public! Are they not shameless? What can they advise us if we faulted? Most of these elders are compromised with money or other material gains.” The teenagers posited. Hadja Jabbou She went straight to where her husband isand confronted him. “Na the same girl you put me down for her to ride in your motor?You no get shame? What e-get which a-no get? Sha picked her up frown and hissed. “Alhajj! Can we go I am ready?” “A-de talk back to answer you question. E-carry boy pickin for me, a de marry her untie when e- put to bed then re-marry her for more boy pickin. Are you okay now that you know me plan?” Hadja stood, shook her head. Sha played ‘sakara’ on her to show that Alhajj is at her palm, her puppet. Jabbou left the supermarket. New Tactics    She brought the four girls and all of them stooped at Alhajj’s feet and begged for his indulgence. “Forgive Papa, we love you very much.”The small voices echoed.    He laughed with wicked sarcasm. “You de used you army girls to blackmail me eh?A-no bissin, a-no care, cry blood if you lek.” Jabbou burst into uncontrollable tears as her girls surrounded and gave her love and cried together with her.    “Let Mama cry, e-go fine join am O, a-de go upstairs for now.” He left his family and climbed upstairs. Rose and Richie She is very sick and her health deteriorating, Richie is quite worried as he postpone his Dakar trip. He wrote a letter and asked for two weeks casual leave from his company and was granted. “I have postpone my Dakar trip until you get better,” Richie told Rose. Rose is not happy as she held his hand, kissed it and said; “The Lord is our shepherd, it is malaria, I’ll take my drugs and, I’ll be fine.” “But you are still shivering.” Richie is not convinced. “We cannot lose this great opportunity we have suffered much, I’ll cope and Matam is here to help me.” “Are you sure?” “Very sure, it is alright. You can leave after the two weeks.” “Okay, let me take care of you before then.” Richie posited. “Go home and get ready, I cannot follow you to Dakar we need the two salaries to plan our lives, to also help your peasant parents and siblings at the village. I’ll miss you but will manage “ The Damsels Sha came with a huge shopping for baby things, foodstuff and other household items. The friends exclaimed when the items were unpacked by Alhajj himself, he then kissed Sha and said; “Let nothing happen to me son O, a-de na your beck and call.” He left and waved her and her friends. “Bye-bye Alhajj.” Said Amsa and Mberry. “What baby is Alhajj Munku talking about?” The girls asked. “Are you pregnant for him the reason for buying all these baby things?” “Pregwhat! For that fool never! I fake him to chop his money, isn’t it that he wants boy child? I’ll give it to him.” She laughed heartily. I have projects for Alhajj and when I am done I’ll discard him just as the others. I’ll milk him dry and dump him. Girls! Am I not Sha again? This is Sha nothing will happen, cool down!” She bluffed. “What are you going to do with these baby things?” “I am opening a baby shop to sell baby things to expectant moms.” Sha explained. “Babe you are too much. May Allah bless it amen!” Another Prey Richie relocated to his new apartment rented by his company when he returns from Dakar. Richie with Papis He lives with his first cousin Papis.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        They were heating up bare breast and exposing their fair complexion, strong, muscular attractive body which excited Mberry who peeped through the window as she is amused with their press up. Papis is a university student reading Economy and International Relations whom Richie is sponsoring. Mberry She came outto greet the men. “Hello guys! How are you? It is a sunny day I hope you are enjoying the fine weather?” She went praaa! Praaa! Papis greeted back but Richie remained mute he does not want to be acquainted to girls he term wild and wayward. Mberry felt embarrassed and disappointed as Richie’s snub was very visible. The Damsels Mberry is excitedas she explainsabout thesnobbish ‘handsome guy’ who is muted and not arouse even by the presence of a ‘sexy babe’. “Stories! Stories! I don’t believe you.” Amsa doubted her. Sha took the challenge. “I’ll get him and he will be broken.” “Never! You can never break snobbish ‘Mr. Handsome’.” The girls mocked her. “We shall see how it goes.” Sha posited. To be Cont.]]>