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“Jongaama!” Part 15


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By Amie Sillah Mberry knocked at the door. “Who?” Amsa asked. “It’s me.” “You came back early, what has happened?” “Hoodlums took out my ‘human hair’ and Ipad.” “How did it happen? Didn’t you call for help?” “It was a quiet place and no one was in sight except Bea passed by and they asked me to smile to wade off suspicion and that’s what I did exactly for them not to harm me.” “Oh am sorry I have to guard my own before they take it off and I’ll avoid quiet, lonely places. These guys are very wild O!” Amsa posited. “But they have not hurt you? Thank God for that.” “Let’s go in.” Mberry requested. The Love Birds Their married life is blissful with promotion and healthy lifestyle. They have fun running around the house, premises and playing games, they are really happy together enjoying life. Sha and Richie are on top of the world. Bea with Aitha They are counting their bututs from the ‘Runs’ nowadays it is not lucrative and they are seeing less and less clients. Now every butut counts for the young women saving to buy ‘Brazilian Hair’. Aitha complain about her ‘European’ boyfriend. “He is very stingy and counts every butut he gives me, I am tired, and I’ll leave him.” She protested. “Are you pregnant for him to get wealth through your child?” “God forbid! Pregnant for whom? Over my dead body.” Aitha swore. Mberry She visited Sha at last and she was happy to see her. “Marriage is good for you, Amsa told me you are glowing and radiant I thought she was exaggerating but I now believe her. How is Richie? I can see he is taking good care of you.” “I thank Allah for the blessing to be happily married to the love of my life who equally gives back what I give him.” “That’s a nice one Sha I’ve taken clue and would come for more lessons before I also marry the love of my life.” Mberry posited. “Girlfriend on a serious note as I’ve told Amsa you too should consider getting married to the guy of your choice, your biological clock is ticking and before you know it you’ve gone out of childbirth. I wish you both to marry a guy as cool as Richie? Am I not bliss?” Mberry gave an acid smile and said; “Of course, you are bliss and we pray to Allah to give us a man like Richie.” “Girlfriend! I am pregnant and Richie was thrilled to realize that he’ll soon be a father.” “How old?” “Eight weeks.” “We are going to be aunties.” The girls laughed and rejoiced over it. Shocking News “Rose is back.” “What!” Sha dropped the glass of juice she was holding. “Rose! Rose!” Sha became confused. “She is Richie’s ex and there is nothing to fear about her. The other day I met her sister Matam at the supermarket I asked after her and she said they are back from England. Don’t be panicked and confused she is Richie’s past and he would not have anything to do with her especially now that you are pregnant for him.” “You are right my husband loves me and pampers me as an egg and he carries me around the house as his princess, the happiest woman in the world, I am so happy, besides I am pregnant for him, Rose is his past I am not scared.” “You are lucky and I envy you very much.” Mberry posited. “Can I have her address?” “Why? What do you need her address for?” “Just to apologize how I treated her before, I misbehave badly towards her.” “Can you remember Aisha, the hairdresser at the junction of Kotu Silo going to Dippakunda?” “Yes I do.” “If you arrive there ask for Madam Mahoney Ville and you’ll be taken to her house. Madam Mahoney is Rose’s mom and she now resides in England.” Mberry explained. “Thank you very much girlfriend.” “But take it easy and not offend her again, she is a nice girl.” “She is nice that’s why I want to make amends.” Alone Mberry is very angry and disgusted about Sha’s arrogance and bluffing. She mimicked and hurled insults at her. She contemplated what to do to hurt her. Richie He received an anonymous call from someone. “Sha is up to some mischief please follow her to know what she is up to.” The caller put down the phone. Sha She came into Rose’s house and she was surprised to see her. “What are you doing here? How do you get to know I am here?” “My conscience hurts me about you and I’ve come to apologize about all the hurtful words I’ve said to you which have broken your resolve to fight for what belong to you; I was very bitchy and it hurts and hunts me now. Please find it in your heart to forgive me although you’ll never forget.” “Does Richie know you are here?” “No! He does not know.” “You are glowing he has taken good care of you, sit down, I hold no grudges against you, I am fine.” Richie As advised he tracked his wife’s car and followed her when she entered Rose’s house. Rose “You are equally beautiful.” Sha told her. “Thank you, all said and done you told me the truth and your seeming assault was a wakeup call for me, I bear you no grudge, you told me the truth. It is one whole year now and I am still unable to walk, I’ll never walk again,and doctors, Richie and my sister were all giving me false hope. I am sorry this is my destiny.” Tears rolled her cheeks. “Marriages are made in heaven.” Rose posited a woman of faith. Sha    “No I was wrong I deceived you and slowed down your recovery because of jealousy to tear you apart from Richie whom I want for myself at all cost; I made you lose faith in your exercises and drugs; please find it in your heart to forgive my transgression.” Rose “I did not see it as such, Richie needs to be happy and you’ve given him that, as aresult I am happy for both of you. Matam(Aminata)    She came and blasted her. “Sister! What is this imposter doing here? She deceived you to disbelieve medical science and resign to a fate of hopelessness; she snatched Richie from you, what does she wants now, your life? Richie must hear it.” Aminata threatened. Rose “No! Richie should not hear anything, let her be.” Richie He surfaced. “Richie!” They exclaimed. Sha ran away. To be Cont.    ]]>

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