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“Jongaama!” Part 13


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By Amie Sillah Beatrice and Aitha They went to a posh restaurant to have their lunch. Aitha gave her advice. “We have to stop the false life we are living and cut our style according to our cloth. The ‘Runs’ is not lucrative these days babes ofall ages and sizes in the street; let us quit and search for a decent job.” “We stopped school at Grade 9 and have searched for jobs all over the place to no avail; what have we not done? Do you think we are happy with what we are doing? Times are hard but we will manage, the time has not come for us to quit, we will preplan it and when it comes we will cross the bridge.” Bea argued. Aitha is not convinced. “I am just tired with the false life we are living and suffering from the system and the hands of unscrupulous men. You’ll pay for this food I haven’t a dime on my body.” Bea called for the waiter who came running. She ordered for chicken pepper soup, pasta and ice cream dessert to wash it down. “Make it snappy and be fast about it.” Bea posited. Mberry and Amsa The duo came and sat at the far end opposite Bea and Aitha. Mberry sighted them as they entered the restaurant. She smiled and is amused. “What is the amusement all about?” Amsa asked. “Take your time you’ll soon know.” She replied. “Don’t cause any trouble just behave yourself.” Amsa advised. “I am not troubling anyone but just having my fun.” Bea “I am aiming to have a Toyota Benz, am I not a big girl? Even the ‘Baboons’ are driving posh cars what about me? Check me out! Am I not beautiful? Look at what my mama gave me.” She admired herself. Aitha smiled and praised her all the more as she knew she is throwing jibes at her rival. Mberry She called the waiter who told her that he is busy with the order of the first customers as he pointed to Bea and Aitha. “I’ll take your order later after serving them first.” “What! You have to take my order first, I am a big girl.” She gave him a tip. He smiled and said, “Okay Ma! What do you want?” “ Beef Benachin with steamed veges, ‘ranha bisap’ two takeaways’ with two fresh juices, thank you.” “Ma only one is left and the lady over there have ordered for it.” “Give it to me my sister at home is on drugs and needed it. What else is available?” Waiter “Chicken sandwich Ma!” “Give us two takeaways and two fresh juices, give those girls the same and tell them I have paid for it.” Mberry posited. Amsa She protested. “What is all this for? Why waste money like this?” “Nothing your babe here is a big girl larger than life, don’t worry just playing the game you know, chill! Relax! I have it let us spend it!” Amsa then noticed what the haaloobaloo was all about. “So it is Bea you are trying to bluff? You are very foolish.” Mberry laughed hilariously and said; “Thank you my concern sister.” Bea and Aitha They waited for long and protested. “Where is this stupid waiter? We have waited for almost 30 minutes without him coming to serve us. We were the first before them why did he serve them first?” Aitha posited. “What kind of insult is this? Let him come first.” Bea said. Waiter    He brought them two plates of chickensandwich. “What is this?We have not ordered for this, are you stupid?” Bea shouted at him. He pointed at Mberry. “The lady over there paid for it and said you can have it.” Bea insulted Mberry and said; “Take it back to her; we don’t need anything from her we can take care of ourselves, thank you.” Mberry She laughed at them. “Waiter! Bring it here I’ve already bought some for my puppy I’ll add it to its food.” She mocked at the girls. Bea They protested. “I am going to report you to your Manager. Manager!” She walked to her office. Mberry She was washing and hanging her clothes on the line. The Unexpected Bea came and poured dirty water over her. “Why should you do this to me?” Mberry wailed. “Pay back of what you did to us at the restaurant’ tit for tat is the name of the game. You can wash it at the dry cleaner.” Bea posited mocking at Mberry. “I am larger than you; I did mine publicly while you did yours privately. Cheap girl, I’ll give away all the clothes I have more designers’ clothes, a nobody can’t compete with people on top.” Mberry fought back. Brazilian hair The ‘big girls’ bluff with it and have an essence of high life and high class. Petty thieves will snatch them from ladies’ hair and sold them back to unscrupulous saloons that in turn fix it on other ladies and demand for high price. Mberry She gave Musa the security guard a letter to dispatch to Bea and Aitha about a high class party she will be hosting for the ‘high class babes and guys’. “It is a match-make party, my birthday.” Mberry laughed. “I loved this game.” Message Aitha thought it bait. “I don’t understand why Mberry who sees you as a rival and an ‘enemy’ would suddenly turn around and be inviting you to a party she is hosting I am not convinced; she wants to caricature and mock at you please don’t go and moreover she is requesting that all the ladies put on 18 inches Brazilian hair which is very expensive and she knows you cannot afford it.” “You get it all wrong, Mberry knows she has lost the competition and want to make peace with me, I’ll get a Brazilian hair by hook or crook, and I’ll attend and will win the challenge.” Sha and Marriage Life Sha now loves gardening because Richie loves to eat home grown veges. As she tends to the gardenRichie came and teased her. “What is my baby doing?” “I am weeding the plants.” “The plants can wait while we do our weeding at the bedroom.” To be Cont.]]>

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