“Jongaama! Part 12


By Amie Sillah The Damsels “Didn’t I tell you? Alhajj will never call again. The coward is afraid to contract epilepsy.” Mberry laughed hilariously. “Alhajj is no longer my problem but Richie.” Sha posited. The Great Surprise “Knock! Knock! Knock!” The door bangs. “Who is it? Chaat! Go open door.” The girls told Amsa. Who comes in? Richie, the girls held their breath; he stood at the door waiting to be asked in. Sha stood up breathless and the other two girls ushered him in and stood. Sha signaled them to leave and they went out. Richie knelt before her and said; “Can you marry me?” “What!” Sha gaped and looked at her friends through the door quarter way open. They whispered; “Yeah! Yeah!” “Yees! I’ll marry you Richie.” Sha jumped and embraced him. Richie placed a diamond ring on her middle finger to informally engage her before the formal one. “Yes! Yes! I’ll marry you.” Six Months Later    Richie proved to be the perfect gentleman, good in everything, he cooks, sweeps, irons everything in automation but he still enjoys doing them for his wife. He romantically serves his wife breakfast in bed. “Thank you very much my husband as you are everything I envisage.” Sha posited. “I have prepared friend eggs (omlette) with bacon, fried chips and salad. Do you like it?” “I love it you are special in everything.” Sha posited as her husband kissed her on the head. Amsa Amsata visited Sha at Batakunku where they met Rose for the first time and Richie broke the shocking news to them. “This place is heaven on earth, why are you hiding in your safe haven from us your dear friends who made it possible for you to meet your prince charming?” Sha laughed over it and explained her love life. “It is not easy to hang out with you people now, I am married and you are not.” Amsa got angry and reacted. “Are you insulting us? I’ll never come to your house again, just thinking you are still a friend makes me pay you a visit today but I should have known better. Mberry warned me not to disturb you but I insisted on seeing you.” “Don’t be angry, you are still my friend and wish me well that’s why the sarcastic Mberry cannot dissuade you.I am very grateful. I mean Richie is very caring and wouldn’t leave me alone, he occupies me 24hrs and I don’t have time for anything else. I am very sorry if I hurt you, I don’t mean to. I am the luckiest, happiest girl on earth.” Richie came out greeted Amsa, kissed his wife and said; “Can you go shopping with your girlfriend and please buy her something nice to remember you, going to town and see you later.” He blew her kisses which amused Amsa. “You are very right girlfriend; Richie is not only Mr. Handsome but equally Mr. Romantic and Mr. Nice.” “You better say it again.” Sha bluffed. Shopping Spree The duo went shopping and but a lot of goodies and Sha dashed some valuables to Amsa who was very grateful and happy. “Marriage is sweet especially when you marry the man after your heart, go and get married to also enjoy the goodies of life.” “I’ll pray for Mr. Right to appear tomorrow and I’ll marry him without any hesitation.” Amsa posited and the two friends laughed over it. Back Home “Now I am a very good cook, Richie as the perfect teacher he is has taught me continental and local dishes let me show you a different Sha, let’s go to the kitchen before my husband comes back from work hungry.” Amsa was stunned. “Lot of news for Mberry who have missed a lot of fun; you have changed Shasha you have changed, marriage is really good for you, you are glowing and radiant. Let’s take a picture from my Ipad and I’ll show it to Mberry to see you for herself.” The friends took many pictures for Mberry’s perusal. “Seeing is believing as she always say.” Amsa posited. Mberry She dates rich married guys clandestinely in a win- win situation, she became perfect in the discreet game and won their trust and respect even her friends do not know her numerous guys. She bought a brand new posh car and brought it home in loud music. Dancing and shouting she shouted Amsa’s name to come and inspect her toy baby. “Amsata! Come and see my baby.” She shouted. Amsa came out and found her shouting, dancing and singing to the music. She is mesmerized. “Your car is beautiful! I like your taste and colour.” “Thank you. Let me give you the gist why I am behaving like this; I saw a school rival whom I want to frustrate and make to run away from this area altogether. “ Amsa hissed and started to go. “Don’t walk away from me am not finished. The bitch was found sleeping with my boyfriend, I saw her she is now occupying Richie’s flat with a girlfriend. I’ll frustrate her and make her run from this compound.” Mberry swore. “But that was long time ago, you are now a ‘big girl’, let go and let her be, forgive and not forget.” Amsa advised.

  1. She came out of her flat and walked past them without greetings. Mberry hissed at her, turned her eyes and frowned her face. “Have you seen my jeep, I bought it cash down from the factory unlike those whores who cannot even put bicycle on their name, I am not cheap O!” “Look at me Bea! I suffer! What is happening to me?” She hissed and walked past them. Amsa is amused by the scene. “Na wa O! What am I seeing? A bitter rivalry! For what now? Are you still sharing any man with her? Let her be! Mature for once.” Amsa rebuked Mberry. “You have not seen anything I want to frustrate her and it is fun for me.” “Count me out of this nonsense; I’ll not be here to witness anymore nonsense.” Amsa posited and went back into their house. “I love it.” Mberry dance to the loud music just to disturb her neighbours whom she wants to irritate.
At the Restaurant Beatrice and Aitha went to have their lunch. “To be honest with you Bea I don’t like it at all the idea of living at a posh area. We are not salaried workers but on ‘Runs’ which is not at all pleasant. Sometimes we have to sleep with many men just to be able to pay our expensive rent, not talking about food, medicine and money to send to parents at the countryside who think we have decent work at the city which we lied about. Let us go to a less expensive area in order to make ends meet for us.” Aitha advised. To be Cont.]]>

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