“Jongaama!” Part 11


By Amie Sillah Rose with Richie “Do you love me?” Rose asked her fiancé. “Of course you know the answer, why do you ask such a dumb question?” Richie retorted. “But I can’t return it, can you do something for me and please don’t say no.” “What is it? Say it please I want to hear.” The Bombshell “Marry someone else who can return your sincere, undying love for me. Marry Sha, she loves you dearly and will make you happy then I can have a peace of mine. Please let this be our last conversation on this topic.” “Why are you shutting me up? Sha is my neighbour and there is nothing intimate between us.” Rose held his hand. “Please do it for me and make me happy, I would have wished to marry you and we have beautiful kids together but some dreams got shattered and ours is one of such, forget about me, it is alright, I don’t want to keep you and you expressing secret self-pity which is different from genuine love.” “It is alright.” Richie is sad and disappointed. Rose took out her engagement ring and returned it to Richie. Rose She cried bitterly when Richie left and regretted her stupid action. Aminata protested. Aminata “Why did you do that sister? Why should you release him for what now?” “I’ll not walk again and what he feels for me is not love but self-pity; Sha is right Richie and Doc are deceiving me.” “Sha is wicked and your rival to get Richie for herself, don’t you see it? Wake up! Richie loves you and is ready to support you all the way through, please don’t throw away genuine, true love. It is not too late, can I call him?” “No! Don’t; please help me with water, my heart is failing me.” Aminata went to bring water. A Golden Opportunity Richie came home very late at night quite drunk. Sha was seated at her verandah waiting for a golden opportunity to strike; she saw him and rushed to usher him into his flat, she undressed him as a baby and slept with him, throughout Richie thought he was having fun with Rose and he enjoyed the encounter. In the Morning Richie woke up in Sha’s arms and revolted. He checked and exclaimed. “What have I done? What are you doing in my house? How did you get here?” “Too many questions, we have done it and it was fun while it lasted and I have enjoyed every bit of it.” “I did not enjoy it, you forced yourself unto me and I’ll not do it again; get out of my house, my life!” “Oh God! Just stop it!” Sha rushed out and got back to her house. Rose Rose is hurting and got into depression; Aminata is worried and wanted to call Richie. “Don’t call him and to confess I do miss him a lot, my heart is broken and I don’t know how to survive the break, Richie is so nice and loving and deserves better than a physically challenged woman confined to a wheel chair. Can I have my food for now?” “Okay.” Aminata is not pleased with her sister’s decision. The Damsels Sha is still brooding over Richie.Why did he still prove hard to get after our nice encounter?” She asked her friends. The friends reserved their comments in order not to offend her as they have learnt their lesson. Alhajj He went for ‘umrah’ and came back with some presents for Sha and not his wives and children. He called her and Sha refused to take his call but he persisted as Mberry took the phone, she covered it with her palm and asked. “Sha it is Alhajj! What should I tell him?” “That I’ll not take his call or better still I’ve gone to the village and would not come today that I left my phone behind.” “I have an idea for him never to call you again.” “Do you? This man is hopeless, he would not let me be, he is history, am done with him, do whatever to make him forget about me.” “Alhajj Sha is sick and is in bed.” “Na baby sickness?” Mberry mimicked Sha. “It is my epilepsy attack which surfaces every three months.” “You say waitin? Epi-what!” He rang off the mobile. Mberry laughed hilariously. “What did he say?” Amsa asked. “He rang off, didn’t I tell you? He’ll never ring again especially with how he pronounced the epilepsy.” The trio made fun of Alhajj. Sha congratulated Mberry. “Bring lunch, what did you cook today?” “ ‘Chebu Jenn’!” “Delicious! Bring it out with some soft and juice.” Sha is excited that finally Alhajj is off her back. “He’ll never call back!” Mberry posited. “Epilepsy has finally make Alhajj vanished from your life, pay me now and pay be handsomely.” Mberry demanded. Jabbou    She is admitted at the hospital as a result of some severe beating from Alhajj.Senior Nurse Maram called him to the hospital. At her office, she shut the door and told him off. “Are you a Mike Tyson? Why should you beat your pregnant wife to a pulp? Don’t you empathize her condition?Imagine you were in her condition and being beaten to a pulp by someone who claim to love you even if not now but sometime in your life?” Sister Maram struck a point as Alhajj felt ashamed and apologized. “Am sorry sister, na the devil, ano go do am again.” “Don’t do it again or else I’ll report you to the Women Rights Activists who will take your case to court and just pray nothing happen to the baby or mother.” Alhajj hung his head and paid the bill and all the expenses incurred. “Where is she? Can I see her and apologize directly to her?” The Great News Sister Goddard showed up with all smiles. “Alhajj! I have great news for you; what will you give me if I tell you the news?”    “Anything you ask, ade gi you.” “Your wife have given birth to triplets.” Alhajj frowned. “Are you not happy?” “Three more girls, a worry, when Allah go gi me boy/boys?” “Who tell you they are girls? Your wife delivered triplets bouncing boys!” “What you say na true-true?” “Is very true!” Alhajj swung around with her and whirled her round, round. He then drew a cheque of D50, 000 and threw it at Goddard. “What! Thank you Alhajj you are really a gentle man.” “Can I see them?” “Wait a bit, they are being clean up!” Alhajj stooped upon the floor and prayed two ‘rakas’. He turned around and raised Musa his security guard high up in the air. “Allah has answered to our prayers boss!” Mose posited, very happy for Madame. To be Cont.  ]]>