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Jambur Imam Narrates His Ordeal to TRRC


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By Yankuba Jallow

The Imam of Jambur on Monday, 18th November 2019 gave a vivid account of how he was abducted by ex- President Yahya Jammeh’s witch – hunters.

The 58 – year – old said he was abducted together with his father and two of his uncles and taken to Kololi where they were given concoctions by the witch – hunters. The Imam said 62 people were identified as witches and wizards in Jambur by the witch – hunters.

Former President Jammeh brought witch – hunters from Guinea Conkary sometime in 2009. These men were going round communities and identifying people as witches and wizards.

He said on that day, he did not know what was ongoing but he was told by one his younger brothers that former President Yahya Jammeh sent some people to the village and that his father (the Imam) was asked to go and open the programme with prayers. He said at this time, he was not the Imam but he sometimes used to step in and lead the community in prayers.

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He said his father sent one of his younger brothers – Bubacar Bojang to lead them in prayers. He said his brother told him that the marabouts went with him to the cemetery where a red goat and a cock where slaughtered and buried. He added that the goat slaughtered by the witch hunters was taken away.

“My brother was the one who slaughtered the goat and cock,” he said.

He said his brother informed him that after the sacrifice of these two animals, he was told that anyone who attempts to do anything against former President Yahya Jammeh won’t succeed. The witness said the entourage was accompanied by youths who were dressed in green outfits.

“I had visitors on that day. People came to pay homage to my mother,” he said.

He said Solo Bojang came with people dressed in red clothes and they searched his house.

“They told me they were looking for something,” he said, adding that they came with armed soldiers.

He said they searched the whole house and they found something beneath where he takes his shower and he was asked to go with them to the Bantaba.

“They called me and told me that I have a juju that is very bad. They told me the juju is the reason why the youths of the village cannot progress,” he said.

“I was surprised because I did not put there. I don’t know why they came to my house, but they were led by our Alkalo – Kebba Juju Bojang,” he said.

He said he was taken together with his visitors to the Bantaba.

“Our Alkalo told Solo Bojang and his men that I brought those men as marabouts who will prepare jujus to destroy Yahya Jammeh’s government,” he said.

He said at the Bantaba people were drumming and the witch – hunters made him to sit on the floor together with his visitors who came to pay homage to his mother.

“We were many. I was told we were about 62,” he said.

“While I was sitting on the floor, I saw them brought my father, they brought my father’s younger brother and they brought one of my father’s younger brother,” he said.

He said his father was Imam Karamo Bojang, the younger brother was called Arafang Bojang and the other Jarkunda Bojang.

“The three are from the same father,” he said.

He said they boarded a bus and were taken to a residence in Kololi.

“There were men and women,” he said.

“Apart from one Lamin Bojang, I was the youngest among the lot. I was only older than Lamin Bojang,” he said, adding that all those arrested were old.

He said they left Jambur at around 5 pm and when they arrived in Kololi, they were made to line up and they were issued with concoction. He said after drinking the concoction, he was asked to remove his trouser and he was bath using cold water. He said after the bath, he was asked to wear his clothes and he was taken to a hall where he was asked to sit on the tile.

“I lost consciousness. I don’t know what was happening. At 7 am on the following day, someone held my hand and asked me to board the bus and that was the time I regain my senses,” he said.

He said when he arrived in Jambur, he walked by himself but he was helped by people.

“They were several people who weren’t able to walk. They were carried by their relatives,” he said.

“Now, I cannot lead people in prayers. My younger brother is the one leading people in prayers. This is because of my eye problem I sustained as a result of the concoction. Until today, even though I am the Imam, I cannot lead people in Friday prayers,” he said.

He said one of those who came to pay homage to his mother died as a result of the concoction.

“His name is Kebba Saidy and he is a tailor. When we left Kololi, he died one week later,” he said.

He said one Lamin Touray who also came to pay homage to his mother’s demise is still suffering and is currently admitted at a hospital in Zighenchor in Senegal while Amadou Tijan Saidy became deaf as a result of the concoction.

“These people came to me to pay homage to my mother. aThey were healthy and they were taken innocently and given concoction for no reason,” he said.

He said after the 2001 Presidential elections, he was lying at their Bantaba with some of his colleagues when Yahya Jammeh’s Green Boys came and beat him. He said the leader of the Green boys was one Laluwa Conteh from Faraba Banta. He told the TRRC that he reported the matter to the police, but nothing came out of it.

“I am not a politician. I am a farmer but I never supported Yahya Jammeh. I think that was why I was targeted by the Green Boys,” he said.

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